Thursday, March 14, 2013

2013 BA Benny Bonanza part 6: best of the rest

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I'm back today with the last few items from BA Benny's crazy large trade package, 2013 edition.  Today's post has a very loose theme of "oddball stuff."  Some of it maybe could have fit in with previous posts, but I thought a week's worth of posts (including the one on TMM) would be fun, plus this stuff does sort of go together in a fun way:

We'll start off with a complete set I didn't include in the first post, since it wasn't boxed and made a good fit for today's.  These M&M's cards hail from 1987, when the licensing rules were apparently different since you see no team logos but full team names are used.  This 24-card set is split up into 12 panels with two cards separated by a perforated edge.  Even in hindsight the player selection is quite good, and when your worst player is 1980s Tony Pena, you probably did a nice job with the checklist.  A few of my favorites, of course, are included, especially Ripken and Gwynn, plus Tiger should-be-HOFer Jack Morris.  Very cool for an oddball item.

Here's a fun assortment of other stuff.  First, there's a three-card 2009 Heritage Advertising Panel that Mike included because it features the Tigers at the bottom.  Next is a jumbo '84 Donruss of Sweet Lou!  On his right is Michigan babe-o-rama Kate Upton--
I'll be in my bunk...
in A&G Mini format.  Next we have one of Fuji's custom cards that he sends out with every trade; Mike had a few, so now I have one, though I know I'll be able to earn my own soon!  Next to him is a Leaf stand-up card of the Iron Man, celebrating the 1986 All-Star Game at the Astrodome.  The AL won that one 3-2 in a game that featured Tigers Lance Parrish and Lou Whitaker (who homered) as starters and Alan Trammell and Willie Hernandez as reserves.  Finally, there's a Fleer Extra Bases oversized card of former Detroit SS Travis Fryman, who's a guy I still collect because of his quality play for the Tigers while in Motown.

Mike also included two five-card packs of 2007 Topps Flashback Fridays cards.  I opened both because I wasn't sure if they would differ at all, and they didn't, so I have extras of all five of these available, plus all four that aren't Griffey are up for grabs as well.  It was fun busting a couple packs and pulling good players like these!

Lastly, there was a graded card in the package--Tony Gwynn's 1985 Fleer base card.  Trust me, I've seen lamer junk wax cards get graded.  I think I'll find a fun and creative way to blast this out of the slab, which I would have done even if the front wasn't cracked.  Take THAT, Beckett!

Mike, for the last time, thanks once again for a fantastic, entertaining, and nearly endless trade package full of stuff I had a complete blast sorting through.  And once again, readers, in honor of Mr. BA Benny, KEEP ROCKING YOUR CARDBOARD DREAMS!

And next it'll be back to business as usual with a couple more excellent trade packages, so stay tuned!

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