Tuesday, October 5, 2021

2021 trade package #23: Topps Cards That Never Were

Those of you who were following Jeremy at Topps Cards That Never Were are probably already aware that he appears to be retiring from the blogosphere for good. That's a shame since it's always fun to read what a fellow Tigers fan is thinking, and he produced some pretty cool customs too! Plus, how many people do you know that actually collect the Rays?

Last month marked two years since he first sent me cards, and I've posted PWEs from him on four other occasions: late last year, then this past January, March, and May. This evening I'm back with one last surprise envelope from the erstwhile blogger, one that this past weekend I teased would drive away the clouds and rain that have made up most of the weather around here recently.
As usual the envelope came with Jeremy's customary baseball-shaped note and a nice message. I owe him just as much thanks for the stuff he sent my way! And that includes the brightness you'll see below:
In 1999 Stadium Club Chrome proved to be a beautiful looking insert thanks to Topps combining their perennial best looking base design plus the Chromium elements that took the hobby by storm in other products. It even became its own product for one glorious year in 2000 (and one more time last year). But it's otherwise been a fun insert to find since its 2017 return, and even more fun when you get the Refractor version, which you see above starring one Barry Larkin, a guy I happen to collect. Stadium Club tends to be a Topps product that includes a lot of past HOFers and stars and I'm always glad to see Barry represent the Maize & Blue in sets like this. Plus, I mean, it's a Refractor!
And speaking of shiny Larkin cards, here's my newest version of his 2021 Donruss base: a Holo Purple parallel. I don't tend to think of the Holos as Panini's answer to Refractors as much as I do their various Prizms, which are printed on Chromium-type cards, so I won't compare this to the above Refractor. But I will say it's still a cool shiny insert with a border that makes identifying it a breeze, plus a design that takes me back to Barry's 1987 Donruss RC.

Want to see the Little League home run described on the back you just read? Feast your eyes on this:
There's almost enough shine between these two to make me forget how quickly it gets dark this time of year!

Anyway, I want to say a sincere "thank you" to Jeremy for six envelopes full of some great cards and wish him well as he spends more time with his family. Thanks, dude!

Sunday, October 3, 2021

10/1/21 card show report: I want Blue to show me the way

With a big Michigan game looming at noon on Saturday (which went quite well for the Maize & Blue, if you hadn't heard), I once again took a Friday off to head to the monthly show in Taylor a couple days ago. Although I was disappointed to see that my favorite seller still had no dime boxes with him, and that most of what was in the $0.50/$1/$2 boxes was as uninteresting as the last couple shows, I did have some fun going through his quarter boxes, pulling out 60 items, mostly for trade bait, for $15. Given how busy his tables were when I got there, though, I started at the table of a guy I don't remember seeing before. He had a shoebox of 2/$3 autos and relics, of which I grabbed eight, plus some quarter cards that were serial numbered. I snagged eight of those as well, dropping another $14.

Again, it was nothing huge to write home (or blog) about, but I still accomplished my goal of adding some trade bait plus new items to my collection--two scans' worth--so I left reasonably satisfied. Here are my scores from this trip:

My baseball pickups all came out of the big quarter boxes. Griffey's is a base from Topps' 2006 Co-Signers product, and while some might call the design "busy" I find it shiny and fun, plus it's a new Junior! I still appreciate Kinsler's time with the Tigers enough that I sometimes collect cards of him with the team for whom he's more well known, the Rangers, such as Bowman Chrome Refractors from 2011 and '13. Maddux was my other baseball twofer thanks to a 2016 Topps Wrigley insert and '96 Collector's Choice Silver Signature parallel. '96 was definitely a good year for UDCC's design. Last up is a 2002 Leaf Rookies & Stars subset issue of Cal Ripken Jr., meaning I have 3/4 of his run in the bunch (missing #251 celebrating his '82 AL ROY). Not a bad little group with three of my big four non-Michigan PCs hit!
Meanwhile the Michigan side of things was a full nine cards strong with the three other sports represented. Coach Juwan Howard stars on one of the two numbered cards I grabbed for myself, a '98-'99 UD AeroDynamics Tier 1 die-cut that was limited to 2000 copies. It's even more enjoyable collecting him since his successful return to Ann Arbor has made some "experts" look foolish for predicting that he'd be a bust.

Of course football was the main attraction and I scored seven cards of six subjects. TE Devin Asiasi transferred out to UCLA but remains in my collection thanks to non-Bruins cards like his 2020 Absolute Retail base, which I'm not sure counts as a RC. I'll decide at time point. Former UM footballer and US president Gerald Ford gets in on the action with a 2015 Topps baseball insert. Quality OL/unquality person Taylor Lewan pops up twice on Score Gold parallels from 2017 and 2020, with the design on the latter much better since it goes all the way around the border. Bengals TE Tony McGee is the subject of a '96 Pro Line parallel that was a staple of the era: a Printer's Proof. Cleveland WR DPJ's partially airbrushed uni/helmet comes courtesy of 2020 Leaf Draft. And top 10 college football player of all time Charles Woodson continues to appear in the base sets of newer Panini products, such as 2020 Mosaic, in this case with his first/final team, the Raiders.

And finally we have one more quarter numbered card, one that I was excited to dig up: a Mike Knuble 2001-02 Pacific Hobby LTD parallel that's numbered 76/99 on the back. I'm a fan for a few reasons: I love Pacific's base designs from the time, their numbered parallels are fun, and Knuble's one of my favorite Michigan Hockey alumni as he also played for the Wings, winning the '97-'98 cup that brought glory back to Hockeytown. There are few ways to spend a quarter better than this!

It's hard to believe that just two more months and their respective shows remain in 2021. Given how bad things were last year (and in some cases continue to be thanks to selfish idiots) I'm grateful to have been able to get back to them this year even if the results aren't always what I hope.

But speaking of results I did hope for, Saturday's destruction of Wisconsin has me in good spirits as I look to have another good week of collecting no matter what it brings. That should include a post showing off another PWE that showed up the other day, one that brings some shine to ward off the recent cloudy weather here in Ann Arbor. Stay tuned and Go Blue!

Sunday, September 26, 2021

2021 trade package #22: Scribbled Ink

When it comes to buddy of the blog Paul at Scribbled Ink (also @scribble4me), I can paraphrase Forrest Gump: "Trade packages are like a repack box: you never know what you're gonna get. Except it won't be full of junk and disappointment." Paul tends to acquire stuff from sources that aren't really up my alley like antique and resale stores, garage sales, and the like. Maybe I would if I had better luck myself at those types of places. But I don't really need to because he has good luck himself and sends me all kinds of off-the-wall stuff to go with the usual trade fodder.

That was the case a week or two ago when I dug a large-ish BWMT out of my mailbox. Here are the contents I found after tearing that open:
I-didn't-expect-that item #1 is a foldable water bottle that was wrapping up the two smaller envelopes you see to its right. It looks like it was made around 2012 as a promotional item for Topps and it features a very cool throwback image that appears to be what the '68 Topps football packs looked like, albeit with red and blue being inverted. This is a crazy cool item that I'll keep with my oddball stuff, and I heartily thank Paul for generously spending a quarter on it to send it my way!
And then we have everything else. Almost all of the items in this image could be found in the first of the two envelopes seen above. Paul treated me to a pair of 2021 Stadium Club Griffey cards: a Stadium Club Greats insert that's a reprint of his base from the '92 product (big time nostalgia feels!) plus this year's base, which has a photo I don't think I remember seeing on one of Junior's cards before.

A Tony Gwynn Sepia parallel from the same product looks as classy as the player pictured and will be a nice addition to his collection. His fellow HOFer Barry Larkin, one of my favorite Michigan Baseball PC guys, joins him here in the form of a 2017 Topps Update SP that was on my TCDB wantlist, though not anymore! His card is the short-printed version of #US205 in the set, with the base version being another Cincy All-Star SS in Zack Cozart.

And a 2020 Topps Update base of Verlander rounds out the baseball cards. This one noted Verlander's place as MLB's active leader in strikeouts, having reached the 3000 mark, with former Tigers teammate Max Scherzer behind by around 300. Max, of course, hit the 3K milestone this year and has overtaken Verlander, who's still on the shelf. It's pretty cool that some recent Tigers rotations starred a pair of future 3K strikeout pitchers!

Sewing up the cards portion is a Tom Brady Crown Royale card from 2013 that I believe is a parallel, probably the Bronze version (base cards feature silver foil and this one, to my untrained eye, is bronze). It's a nice looking Brady and gets me one card closer to the 300 mark with under 20 to go.

If I'm remember things correctly then the pocket schedule for the AA Sea Dogs of Portland (Maine) was packaged with those cards. No-longer-recent New Hampshire-ite Paul isn't all that far from where this team plays so I'm not shocked that he took advantage of being able to check out another Minor League park, which is always a blast. The team was part of Florida's system from its 1994 inception to 2002, and since 2003 it's been home to some of Boston's up-and-coming stars, which makes sense given the location. This reminds me that I haven't gone to a Minor League game in quite a while and need to correct that.

Finally we have one of my favorite items in the whole envelope: a button made by Nike promoting the face of the MLB for president in 1996. This is something I definitely hadn't seen before so I was grateful that Paul sent it my way after his brother found it at a garage sale back here in Michigan. Junior, of course, continued to put up otherworldly stats that year, setting then-career marks in HR (49) and RBI (140), numbers he'd improve on in his follow-up MVP campaign. Ken's homer count roughly corresponded to presidential election winner Bill Clinton's percentage of that year's popular vote, by the way.

Paul, thanks again for this really cool assortment of stuff that I wasn't remotely expecting. Please continue keeping me on my toes as I work on finishing up a fun envelope to send back at you!

Monday, September 13, 2021

2021 trade package #21: Sport Card Collectors

Buddy of the blog Matt of Sport Card Collectors let me know last week that I could expect a new envelope from him soon, and then Saturday I was happy to find it in my mailbox. Considering its contents the timing was great, and before I watched Michigan face off with Washington under the lights in prime time, I was PWE partying!
A six-card envelope full of 2021 UM draftees, all of which are in Michigan unis, is about as good as it gets on a college football Saturday. As a reminder, WR Nico Collins went to Houston in the third round; RB Chris Evans was a sixth round choice of the Bengals; and Kwity Paye, a DE with a mean streak, was Indy's first rounder. Nico had one catch in Houston's hilarious win over the Urban Meyer-"led" Jags, Evans doesn't look to have participated or at least recorded a stat as Cincy beat Kirk "Come at me, COVID" Cousins' Vikings, and Paye had three tackles--two solo and one for a loss--plus a fumble recovery as his Colts lost to a Seahawks team that actually let Russell Wilson throw.

Now, as for the cards, the top row all comes from Panini's 2021 Chronicles Draft product. I'm on record as liking the variety of designs as it incorporates multiple brands, and this year Panini seems to have numbered them as one big set instead of multiple inserts. I don't know what that does in terms of what's considered a RC but I don't really care. Anyway, in this case you see, left to right: XR, Spectra, and Playbook. A quick look on TCDB indicates that other brands/designs include Chronicles base, Donruss, Score, Prestige, Illusions, Recon, Status, Donruss Optix, Flux, Select, Rookies & Stars, Legacy, and Playoff. Sheesh!

And then there's the bottom row, which is all "Come Come, Kwity, Kwity, You're so hitty, hitty." Paye's Prizm Draft RC pairs up nicely with the Red, White, and Blue parallel. Speaking of base/parallel combos, I can add the last card you see here, a 2021 Score Red, to the Kwity RC I already have to make another nice pair. There's lots more versions of both for me to chase though my priority will remain the base rookies.
Just six cards to scan, plus I uploaded missing fronts/backs for three cards on TCDB, so here's the backs as well. Lots of block "M"s for my fellow Michigan fans and me.

Matt, thanks for another excellent PWE that proved to be very timely as I enjoyed it before watching my favorite team literally run all over Washington en route to a second win in two games. As I've told you I have lots of stuff piled up for you so at some point in the near future I'll be hitting you back with an envelope of the bubble-with-tracking type!

Monday, September 6, 2021

9/3/21 card show report: show 'nuff

This is going to be another quick show recap because once again I didn't bring home much, though this time it felt a bit more productive to me as I scored a few cards for upcoming trade packages.

After getting out of work early on Friday afternoon I headed east to Taylor, home of your 2021 Little League Baseball champions! My usual seller still didn't have any dime boxes out so I spent most of my time in the $1s and $2 looking for hits to trade.

My final breakdown was 20 $2s, eight $1s, and four $0.50s for a nice round $50 spent. Most of the cards will be getting dispersed around the country soon enough, but I did end up with eight trade bait items that I didn't immediately assign to any of my usual trade partners:
As you can see, my usual strategy is "get the best type of hit I can find for $1 or $2." In this case all were $2s, but I think they were worth it. Most are football because that's how things shook out--just about all the $2 baseball stuff featured scrubs--but I did end up with a Matt Holiday manupatch, so there's that. These are all up on TCDB but as always, send a comment/message/whatever my way if you'd like to make a deal for any of the above.

Other than that I scored one card for myself in the $0.50 boxes: this 2003 Flair RC of Huggy Bear's kid Justin Fargas, the former Michigan RB who transferred to USC after two seasons and a leg injury, and then appeared in 92 games over seven seasons with the Raiders.

Justin has 22 cards that meet my Michigan RC project requirements: nothing autographed or including relics, and no college photos where he appears with a team other than Michigan. This one is my 12th, so I'm making reasonable progress on his list.

Flair and its related brands had their ups and downs over the years, and in my opinion this design is decent but nothing too exciting. As with pretty much everything at the time the rookies are numbered, in this case to 500 on the back. Considering two of his first-years I have yet to track down are numbered /100 or lower, that's middle-of-the-road. And $0.50 isn't the worst asking price for it since I'd probably have to spend that much or more on, say, Sportlots. Hopefully I'll be able to find more stuff like this in that seller's quarter box in the future, though.

I'm not entirely sure what I'll be posting next but I may be getting close to finally recapping, likely over two or three posts, that huge Facebook haul. If I take a while longer to get to that, though, it's because I still have a bit of work to do there, mostly deciding what to keep and what to dump at this point. Rest assured you'll see lots of the great stuff I'm keeping and what's available, and then eventually some of it will be hitting mailboxes, maybe one near you!

Sunday, September 5, 2021

2021 eBay purchases: still king of Dick Mountain

Card collecting for me is a fun hobby so I don't aspire to much there aside from completing some sets and chasing player collections. That said, I do put some extra effort into being the top of the heap when it comes to collecting Dick Mountain, a.k.a. Rich Hill. I have close to a 300-card lead on the second best member on TCDB, and nobody else has stepped up to claim the title, though as I've asked before, why would anyone else take it that seriously?

Anyway, I made four eBay purchases myself in the months of July and August with each of the results heading to my Hill collection, and now I'm showing them off in what I consider least to most impressive:

All four of these came from the same seller while I only purchased two of them. Some of you probably know what that means: they were sold by markaguirre22, a.k.a. Gary. Not only has he been selling Rich Hills (and some other recent Wolverines too) at great prices with free shipping, but he's also thrown in some bonuses a few times now, making him my favorite seller by far.

So what we have here is a quartet of Hills from 2017 and 2018 Heritage. The pair of 2018 cards represent my earliest purchase in this group, made the day before Independence Day. I dropped a hair under $1.50 for the one on the right, a 100th Anniversary parallel that features a cool gold foil stamp. Those were apparently limited to 25 copies, not that Topps could be arsed to number them. I decided the price was fair for a card that limited, and then Gary threw in the base version on the left, which I also needed, and which happens to be short-printed, so I certainly appreciated the generosity.

And then just a couple Saturdays ago I snagged the card you see in the upper-right for a bit under $2, a steal of a deal considering just five of them apparently exist. That's because it's the 2017 Heritage Reverse Stock version, with a glossy-ish back and matte-like front. And then I was pleasantly surprised to find the Bright Yellow Back version on the left in the same PWE, since I hadn't bid on that one, which is a tad easier to find at 25 copies. Again, no serial numbering here.

Here's a look at the backs to give you a bit better idea of what's going on, though the Reverse Stock card is much easier to discern in-hand. I doubt I'd notice the different shade of yellow on the back of the left card, especially if I was sorting through a box or case break, but I'm not Topps' target audience, so I'll just be glad the seller knew what he had and labelled them clearly for me.

Next up is yet another Hill entry from Upper Deck's 2007 Sweet Spot product. I know these are fairly polarizing in the hobby due to some of the autographs having a tendency to fade over time, especially the ones on the manu-baseballs. I've generally had good luck with mine, though, and this Bat Barrel/Red Ink version looks great to me! It's limited to just five copies, and I somehow managed to win it with a $3.61 bid plus tax and shipping, which made it $8.23, which is still ridiculous. Rich has 24 cards in the product, seven of which are 1/1s, and I have 12 of the remaining 17 now, with two of them being limited to just five copies. The remainders are numbered to 5, 5, 10, 15, and 15. I'll keep plugging away because I look forward to the day when I can show off the full run!
And to finish up, you had to know I tracked down another 1/1--my 25th of Hill--to top what you just saw. This Pure White autograph hails from, get this, UD Black. Rich could be found elsewhere in the product as part of the Illustrious Dual Autographs with fellow prospect Sean Gallagher on cards numbered /25 (which I own), /15, and /1. Besides those, it's this Pure White 1/1 and four plate versions. I haven't done a count lately but Hill--as with most players, I'd assume--has much fewer 1/1 autographs than other types of that card like plates and parallels. Of the 25 cards I own of the ultimate rarity starring Hill (that I have catalogued; still working on those 2008 Triple Threads...), only four (including this one) are autographed, and one of those is a plate. So yeah, this was definitely a big want for me, and that explains why I won the bidding war at a bit over $20 delivered for this beauty.

Though my overall spending is way down from recent years--I just passed the $800 mark thanks to Friday's show--I'm still throwing money around when it makes sense to bolster my favorite collections. And that's why I can continue to stake my claim as the king of Dick Mountain!

Stay tuned as I'll likely get that show report up in the next few days since I once again don't have much to show off.

Until then, if you have any, show me your Dicks! uh...Rich Hills that you have for trade.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

TCDB trade: randylaw

While I haven't made a ton of deals yet in my time on TCDB, I've definitely made up for it in the sizes of the trades I've completed. That was once again the case with fellow Michigander Randy (randylaw), with whom I completed my second transaction a few weeks ago.

I showed off the results of our first deal last year (part 1, 2, 3) and it's funny looking back it at since my end this time was fairly similar: a nice amount of vintage, plenty of oddball, lots of Tigers, and multiple sports.

The similarities don't end there, either, since this was another instance where I sent him way more cards than I received--around 700 vs. 200--because I was so excited to clear out some space filled by commons/traders and to receive useful stuff in return. A nice chunk of that stuff is trade bait that'll be heading out in some packages at some point this year, but the vast majority will be staying with me.

Please enjoy this scan-heavy post where I prove once again how great it is to trade with one of the most reliable folks on the site:
Like I said, I was excited to get even more vintage Tigers, like this bunch here. The first five are '61 Topps with Cash being the biggest name, though the Dumbo-eared Don Mossi is a fan favorite as well. Jones is from '62, Fox and notable SS McAuliffe are '63s, and then we jump way ahead to '72 for a Billy Martin manager card.
And I still have a few more vintage pieces to show off! Pitcher Tom Morgan's '60 Topps represents the oldest one I acquired for myself though I did end up with a '52 that I'll be sending elsewhere. The photos on team cards from '61 and '62 look remarkably similar. And I was super happy to add another vintage Sparky to his collection, with the one you see above hailing from 1973 Topps, made a year after he led the Reds to the NL pennant for the second time.

Besides vintage I picked up a variety of oddball stuff like this quartet of Topps stickers. Evans shares his '88 sticker with Cards P Joe Magrane, and future Brewers stalwart B.J. Surhoff graces the "Super Star" back. Morris features on an '82 foil piece that celebrates his first of five All-Star nods. Nokes is another Super Star back and I'm much happier to show that than the guy on the sticker up front, the execrable Ozzie Guillen. Sweet Lou's version from 1990 includes a way more respectable guy who earned himself a foil sticker: Eric Davis.
There's nothing vintage about these cards but the subjects are. An early 90s Score base shows old Tiger Stadium, where I witnessed plenty of games in my younger days (mostly losses!). HOFer Jim Bunning is represented twice, in each case as a Tiger, I believe. Detroit legend Ty Cobb pops up twice, including another Score base, this one showing off his Hall items. And I appreciate when modern products remember guys like Kuenn and not just the obvious MLB legends.
Speaking of Cobb, he was the star of Donruss' puzzle inserts way back in '83, the year I was born. I'd take these over some crappy gum any day! It's made up of 21 pieces and Randy only had 20 of them available, but I'm sure it won't be a problem getting the last one to finish it up.
Here we have the first of seven scans of guys associated with the Tigers. '84 champs Bergman and Brookes hail from sets 10 years apart. I added a bunch of stuff of Miggy, and while not enough to equal his 500+ homers, I'm not far off the number he's hit as a Tiger. Tony Clark is a former top prospect who panned out reasonably well even if he didn't turn into a big star.
Another Clark reminds me of how much I love '96 and '97 Upper Deck, and then it's on to a five-spot of Big Daddy cards. Besides his Tigers tenure, I think most folks know he was with the Jays before the trip to Japan that preceded the seasons he spent in Detroit. However, after being flipped to the Yanks in '96, he spent the bulk of '98 with the Angels (as captured on that Ultra base), then got picked up by Cleveland for a couple weeks' worth of games later that year, his sunset season. I often tend to associate Fielder with Fryman since they manned the corners together for a few seasons, and you can see three of the four early/mid-90s base I snagged of him as well.
After another Fryman appearance we get one of a slightly more recent guy from the left side of Detroit's infield, Carlos Guillen. Henneman was a quality closer in the 90s for some bad Tigers teams while Hernandez enjoyed a highly decorated '84 season with the champs. And how cool would it have been if Herndon, A-Jax, and Lemon could have formed an outfield together at some point?
We're looking at mostly 80s stuff here, starting with another Lemon, but rising star Casey Mize makes the first of a pair of appearances too. Morris pops up on a pair, including a food issue from Chef Boyardee. And there's a pair of catchers back-to-back in Nokes, a late 80s favorite of mine, and the "Big Wheel" Lance Parrish, the type of catcher I'd love to see backstopping the Tigers again.
Noticing a lot of '84 Tigers? I basically checked Randy's trade list for anybody I collected, and a good number of those guys were on Detroit's most recent title-winning squad, like Petry, seen here on cards made around that year. I also added a whole mess of stuff to my Pudge collection, mostly Rangers cards since a lot of what I have was made during his time in Detroit. There's a nice range of '93-'97 stuff here, including some good looks from UD and Stadium Club.
The rest of the Pudge haul can be seen here, and what's fun is that all of them are shots of him wearing his tools of ignorance excellence. There's even one card each repping him with the Tigers and Astros, two more of his six career franchises. Sheridan and Tanana were post-'84 guys that made some contributions to Detroit but had to live through that playoff drought. And Thompson, who was traded to my annoyance in the deal for malcontent Juan Gonzalez, arrives on his card from Pinnacle's goofy-but-fun Inside product.
Miggy leads off the horizontal stuff with a pair, including a retail version of his '07 Ultra base (which you can tell since the foil around his name is silver and not rainbow). Fryman (cool shot!), Guillen, and Mize (along with rotation mate Skubal) each get another appearance. And Tram is the last of the vertical Tigers but those didn't divide up nicely into groups of nine. I love me some DKs, and I wonder if Topps will ever come up with something that spurs that kind of nostalgia in me, because rookie cups don't do it for me.
And now we're moving on to the non-Tigers PCs. Abbott, who tossed his amazing no-hitter 18 years ago today, makes three oddball appearances, including another food issue I don't see very often in Wonderbread. Griffey, meanwhile, adds three to his collection, including the not terribly interesting Topps Fire, to get within 30 items of the 1000-card mark.
Next, the designs on Gwynn's two early 90s items aren't anything to write home about, but the photos are pretty cool! Larkin joins a few other guys today out of '21 Donruss, and I even ended up with a few more to trade. Lata is the newest member of my Michigan Baseball PC. He was drafted in the latter rounds back in '89 by St. Louis and never reached the Majors, but he still managed to pop up on seven cards, including the 1990 Best above. Maddux joins Griffey and Larkin out of this year's Donruss, a throwback to the '87 design that doesn't look as nice with all that white space. Cal maintains his PC lead with two new pieces, including a variation of an '87 Sportflics card, plus a '92 Ultra base I can't believe I didn't have.
Yep, I grabbed some UM Basketball guys too. Fab Fivers Juwan Howard and Jalen Rose are joined by recent guy LeVert (check out Jeff's post filled with cards of Caris here), plus '89 champs Glen Rice and Loy Vaught. Rice continues to lead my collection of hoopers and is nearing 200 cards!
These football Wolverines seem plenty appropriate as Michigan opened its season with a convincing win this afternoon. Biakabutuka's and Grbac's shiny cards came out of 2000 Collector's Edge Odyssey. Take a wild guess as to which Brady card I was more excited about. And three WRs finish off the group: Heisman-winner Howard, DPJ on a 2000 Absolute Retail RC, and Streets, who scored a single TD for the Lions in his sunset 2004 campaign.
And finally, although I don't want to be thinking about the weather typically associated with the sport, we have a few hockey items. Wings legends Lidstrom (Black Diamond!) and Yzerman (Flair Showcase!) flank a pair of former Wolverine Jeff Norton, a guy who often shows up in trade packages from Canada, so I'm surprised I didn't have those.

Whew, that was a lot of stuff to cover! Again, I very much recommend trading with Randy as long as you're willing to be patient with him given some medical issues that sometimes hold him up. He's fair, responsive, and has a nice selection to choose from, so if you go the TCDB route, please consider PMing him about a deal!

As for me, I'll either be showing off my eBay pickups from the last couple months or be doing a recap of yesterday's monthly show whenever I post next. I hope everyone enjoys their long weekends!