Wednesday, January 12, 2022

2021 trade package #29: My Sports Obsession

We're 12 days into the new year and I'm finally back with my first post of 2022. However, thanks to a stack of trade packages from the past few weeks that I still need to cover, I'll be stuck in 2021 here for a bit longer. But it'll be worth it to show off all the goodies some nice folks sent me. I'm planning on covering blogger trades first and then getting to the deals I've made on TCDB lately.

Jeff who blogs at My Sports Obsession is one of my oldest blogging/trading buddies, and our shared interest in collecting Michigan sports means it's always a good time when we send cards back and forth.

At the end of November he let me know he'd sent a package my way and I was looking forward to it as usual, but I certainly didn't expect this:
That box was absolutely stuffed with cards! He even held his nose and filled up a good chunk of it with Tigers stuff. Check out how the piles came out in terms of baseball, basketball, and football stuff:
After thinking about how I wanted to present these I decided to try to show off all my keepers in a mix of scans and (mostly) photos. Here's the goods:
Scan 1/3 includes three of my PCs, two of which are Wolverines. Seattle native and Braves prospect Jesse Franklin is up first on just my third card of his, from 2020 Panini Prizm Draft Picks. Big thumbs up for a Michigan uni card! Canadian Cubs draftee and Franklin's former 2018-19 Michigan teammate Jordan Nwogu is next on his 2020 Bowman Draft base that give me three issues of him as well. And then there's many (almost TOO many?) Grandersons, six of them in fact. Although they represent three of his seven career franchises (both NY teams and the Marlins), the Tigers aren't one of them. Well played, Jeff! The group pushed his collection to 203 cards so I can officially say I have two hundred many Grandersons!
The other cards I decided to scan because they grouped together nicely were mainly 1985 Donruss and Fleer Tigers. These are a lot of fun for me since they feature stats from the '84 World Champs, so some of my favorites from the teams history are represented right here, in some cases twice.
Petry is the last of the players from the '85 sets but not the last card since the Tigers (and their '84 World Series foes the Padres) were represented on a checklist as well. Since this group is obviously all Tigers from a while ago I grouped in the three vintage stars you see here as well. Bunning, the HOFer who pitched a perfect game AND no-hitter, went into the Hall as a member of the Phillies but spent the first nine of his 17 seasons with the Tigers, so it's totally reasonable he's shown with Detroit on his Sweet Spot card. And Greenberg and Kuenn weren't teammates--they missed each other by a few seasons--but I'm glad to have the pair representing the Tigers in Diamond King products any day!
Here's the rest of the baseball group in photo form, and it's generally a who's who of current and relatively recent former Tigers. Represented above are Alex Avila, Matt Boyd, Daz Cameron, Jeimer Candelario, Nick Castellanos, Juan Encarnacion, Travis Fryman, Michael Fulmer, Joe Jimenez, Matt Manning, Victor Martinez, and Jake Rogers. A '90 Topps box card of Fred Lynn (generally known for his time with other franchises) rounds out the player group and then we also have some mascot cards of Paws, stickers, and team cards from the past few years of Topps flagship. There's some very nice stuff in the bunch, including a numbered Fulmer from Topps Hi Tek and a nice boost to my collection of young catcher Jake Rogers.
One sport I don't go out of my way to collect is basketball, but that doesn't mean I don't get excited when someone sends me some Wolverines hoopers in trades like this. Jeff hit a nice mix of former stars and fairly current players, really doing a nice job bulking up their numbers in my collection. The players above include Ignas Brazdeikis, Trey Burke, Jamal Crawford, Tim Hardaway Jr., Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, Caris Levert, Terry Mills, Glen Rice, Duncan Robinson, Glenn Robinson III, Jalen Rose, Nik Stauskas, Maurice Taylor, Mo Wagner, Chris Webber, and D.J. Wilson. THJ's count got a nice bump as did some of the Fab Five-ers, and even Glen Rice's total got a nice bump despite already being #1 in my collection for the sport. He joined Granderson above in eclipsing the 200-card mark at 203, with Chris Webber next at 151, and current Wolverines coach Juwan Howard taking the bronze with 99. There's a very cool mix of brands and designs here and while I'm not sure the photo does a good job of capturing it, some of these really pop! It's also nice seeing some of these players' collections grow since that generally doesn't happen on my account.
Last up today is football, and here I'll say I appreciate Jeff's efforts even more since I know he doesn't tend to collect some of the older former players that I do. My understanding is that a lot of these came out of boxes of stuff his cousin bought from collections to stock his future card shop, and there's obviously a huge alumni base to check for when sorting things out. So thanks, Jeff!

The mix of old and new here includes Tim Biakabutuka, Devin Bush, Jake Butt, Anthony Carter, Frank Clark, Braylon Edwards, Devin Funchess, Rashan Gary, Elvis Grbac, Jim Harbaugh, Desmond Howard, Maurice Hurst, Jourdan Lewis, Ryan Mallett, Mike Martin, Shea Patterson, Donovan Peoples-Jones, Jabrill Peppers, Thomas Rawls, Denard Robinson, De'Veon Smith, Amani Toomer, Josh Uche, Tyrone Wheatley, and Charles Woodson.

I loved seeing a few college uniform cards in there and was of course ecstatic to add to the collections of everyone listed. I wasn't too surprised by some of the players who were more represented than others like Funchess and Denard since they're big parts of Jeff's PC. But past greats like current coach Jim Harbaugh, beastly back Tim Biakabutuka, and GOAT Charles Woodson were nice surprises as well, especially the latter's super nice looking insert.
You might have been wondering since that first image what that jersey card was, and it turns out it's this nice 2015 Donruss Rookie Threads swatch of the already mentioned Funchess. The erstwhile Panther has played sparingly since leaving Carolina for Indy and hasn't seen game action since 2019 due to injuries and a COVID opt-out. I don't know if he'll be able to make his way back into the league but I'm happy to keep collecting him anyway. And I'm also happy to point out that this is my 20th hit of the former TE/WR! It's the 11th relic to go with four autographs, an auto/relic, two patches, and two plates. Not bad!

Jeff, thanks again for the huge box of Tigers and Wolverines goodness that arrived in plenty of time for Christmas, even if I'm only recapping it a few weeks after. I appreciate all the time you put into pulling that stuff for me, and as always I look forward to hitting you back with some Wolverines of my own, a few of your player collections, and (sigh) even some White Sox!

Looking over at my card desk I count four more blogger trade packages and a pair from TCDB with at least two more from the latter on the way, so next time look forward to another trade recap from another of the usual suspects.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

12/4/2021 card show report: "Sweet" Christmas!

To say that Saturday, December 4 was an exciting day for me earlier this month would be an understatement. A week prior Michigan overcame years of futility to punch Ohio State in the mouth and beat them handily, earning them their first trip to the conference title game. The Wolverines ended my Saturday on a high note by demolishing Iowa 42-3 in a game filled with highlight reel plays and left the fans delirious with joy over their upcoming playoff appearance. Yep, it was a pretty good day.

And the start of it was just as awesome for me too. I headed east to Taylor as I do monthly for my usual card show, though I went that day instead of my usual Friday excursion for a special reason. The show had hosted the occasional interesting autograph guest in the past, but nobody in my experience elicited as much excitement as that day's signer: Lou Whitaker.

I couldn't tell you the last time he signed around here, and I'm not even sure the last time I paid for an in-person autograph--maybe Red Berenson at the old Gibraltar Trade Center years ago? So this was a Big Deal, and for once I had no problem ponying up $50 for the experience, which ended up being very positive!

For as many people as there were in front of me the line never felt interminable, and after maybe 30-45 minutes I was in front of Sweet Lou himself with a large framed poster I'd grabbed probably more than 20 years ago at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. I'd always planned on having him sign it someday if I could get to a signing so that's exactly what I brought with me. He asked me where I'd like him to sign and I told him it was up to him. He ended up placing a huge, super legible signature right around his butt, and I'm very happy with the result:
Here it is hanging in my office/card room on a wall along with another Tigers signature (albeit one I bought second-hand), that of Bill Freehan.

Long story short, getting to meet Whitaker and get his signature was a big moment for me and one that I'll remember forever, so it was easily worth the $50 and my time. It'll be even more enjoyable once the committee voters get their heads out of their asses and elect him to the Hall.

So while I was there I paid my usual visit to my favorite seller, though a somewhat shorter one thanks to standing in line for the autograph. He actually noted that I was one of the very few people he noticed that came for the signing and stuck around to look at cards as well, which is kind of sad since I want to see this show continue for obvious reasons.

Anyway, I made pretty good use of my time by snagging 15 quarter cards that were 5/$1, 15 dollar cards, 18 that were $2 each, and even six that were $5 apiece. He called the total $80 and then I was heading home with lots of stuff that ended up in Christmas Card packages (some of which remain to be seen!) and a few things for myself too:

The available trade bait portion is just two cards because I was able to target almost everything to the packages I was going to send out. The pair includes an '08 Sweet Spot auto /150 of former Rangers P Scott Feldman plus an "S" letter manupatch/auto of Oklahoma WR Jalen Saunders out of '14 Upper Deck. (By the way, I'm rooting heavily against the Sooners in favor of Kerry's Ducks tonight, so go Oregon!) These are the kinds of cards I like to grab from the $2 boxes from time to time to beef up my FS/FT stuff on TCDB, but as always they're available here as well, so please shout if you're interested in either.
And the "for me" pile is relatively small too but still really, really good. First, I doubled my collection of former UM SS/Rockies draftee (2020 5th round) Jack Blomgren in scoring an autograph of his out of 2020 Elite Extra Edition for just $2. He's the 30th different player in my Michigan Baseball PC and I'd love to see him replicate some of the success that another sort-of recent Michigan guy, Jake Cronenworth, has had in the game.

Next I added to my collection of former blog namesake Curtis Granderson's hits with a 2016 A&G jersey. He may be shown there with the Mets but will forever be a Tigers favorite in my book. I now count 14 hits of him: nine relics, a manurelic, two autos, and auto/relic, and a plate. You can never have too many, I say!

Getting back to the Michigan stuff the most expensive card I picked up for myself was in the $5 box: a 2020 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor auto (# /150) of another Rockies draftee (2019, #77 overall), pitcher Karl Kauffmann. It's only my fifth card of his so I knew it would be a need and didn't mind ponying up $5 instead of waiting to find it slightly cheaper elsewhere. The color kind of sold me on it too. I actually have more hits (three autos and a plate) than base cards (one) of the potential future Rockie.

We happen to be alternating between hit types and teams though not by design--as usual I'm going alphabetically. Ian Kinsler closes out the baseball group with a 2010 UD Game Jersey. I know these are among the lowest end of hits these days but I think I only paid $1 and as I always say when I mention him, I enjoyed his time in Detroit, not the least because he produced well and was part of the deal to get rid of Prince Fielder's dead weight. This is my third relic of his and all show him with his original team, the Rangers, but maybe I'll land a Tigers card at some point.

And then for the 2021 Big Ten Champion Wolverines we begin appropriately with a Michigan uni card, a 2021 SAGE Premier Draft of WR Nico Collins, a guy who had the shitty luck of being drafted by the Texans. At least he finally caught his first NFL TD the other day in a rare win against the Chargers. Speaking of California teams, transfer RB Justin Fargas played his entire career for Oakland, and I was glad to find a 2008 Select Young Stars insert (# /999) of his in the quarter box. And our final player today, like Collins, is active in the league, though out for the year with an Achilles tear. Brandon Graham has recorded 59.0 sacks and 19 forced fumbles over parts of 12 seasons with the Eagles and I'm always happy to show this defensive standout some hobby love when I can, like his 2021 Donruss Red Press Proof parallel above.

So to recap, that day I

  • Met Lou Whitaker and got his autograph
  • Picked up some great cards while at the show
  • Enjoyed Michigan trouncing Iowa and winning the Big Ten conference title game
I think Luke Cage would have to agree that was a great Saturday a few weeks before a sweet Christmas!

With this stuff covered I believe my next few posts will be recapping trades but you never know. Either way they're going to drag into 2022 but I'd rather take my time instead of stressing myself writing up posts. I'm always glad to give people who send me stuff the effort they deserve as thanks, so I promise I'll start getting to those soon!

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

2021 eBay purchases: Rich and Charlie's awesome Christmas

Yep, still lots to post, but today I'm going with the fewest cards instead of posting nothing! The two you see below should be my final eBay pickups of the year.

I had a good last couple months on the site, largely picking up some better stuff for Doug's Christmas package, and I also scored two pretty big cards for myself in November. Here they are:

Behind door #1 is Rich Hill's 2008 Bowman Chrome Yellow Plate. I'd go so far as to refer to it as "maize" in recognition of his Wolverines career, though of course the border's more of a highlighter  hue than the classic UM color. My latest Hill 1/1 (I believe I'm at around 30 when including my unidentified 2008 Triple Threads White Whales) set me back around $15 in early November thanks to a late bidding war, but I refused to be denied considering my spending was so responsible this year. It'll make a nice addition to the '08 Bowman/Chrome rainbow I've already put together:
I already had one plate to include in the bunch, the Bowman Cyan (not exactly a Michigan blue either!) you see at the very end, and now I can add a Chrome plate to that as well. As usual the Chrome plate's image is reversed due to that set's printing process so you get a rare look at old Dick Mountain as a righty!

I'm closing in on 150 hits of the southpaw who's making yet another return to Boston, and I hope to maintain my self-assigned rep as Hill's #1 collector with more scores like this in 2022!
As usual if I'm starting off with a plate or other 1/1 I have something even bigger to show off and that's true here! I occasionally search eBay for Charlie Gehringer autographs to add to my collection after having had lots of success doing so in the past, and often I try to find those made by Upper Deck brands because they feature nice designs. Cut autographs necessarily have less room for design elements like photos, but I still opt for those when I can.

In this case I happily made an exception, and even went away from the UD brands to go with a Topps Co-Signers card from way back in 2006. The fact that it paired up the Mechanical Man with my first autograph of fellow Tigers star Harvey Kuenn was enough argument for me! The roughly $50 total cost, very reasonable in my opinion, was also a factor.

Though their careers didn't overlap--Charlie was in Detroit between 1924-42 while Harvey spent his first eight MLB seasons in Motown from 1952-59) they're both well-known Tigers from before the 60s. Kuenn was the '53 AL ROY and went to All-Star Games in eight straight seasons (two each in '59 and '60, the latter in his first season with the Giants) and played his best ball here, though the team failed to make it to the postseason during his Tigers tenure.

Other than lacking images of both players this is an excellent cut design. Both players' cut pieces--a Kuenn check and the usual Gehringer HOF plaque postcard--fit well in the windows set up for them and the signatures aren't cut off like you often see these days. The biggest flaw here, and no surprise from Topps, is that Harvey's last name is spelled "Kuehn" on both the front and back for some reason. QA's never been Topps' strong suit, though, so I'll give them points for getting this mostly right.

And anyway I'm thrilled to add not just my first signature of Kuenn, but also my 10th of one of Michigan's (state and school!) and Detroit's all-time greats, Charlie Gehringer. I think it's worth another look at all of them here:

That may be it for my eBay spending in 2021 but I still have lots to show you: three blogger trades, one TCDB deal, the results of the show earlier this month, and then possibly a show this weekend as well! Until then, stay warm and dry and enjoy the holiday season!

Sunday, December 26, 2021

The "OMG what did I get myself into?" lot part 3: all set

While I hadn't planned on finishing up covering my enormous Facebook Marketplace collection purchase stuff before everything else, I figured I might as well go ahead since my next most recent post, technically part 2 in this series, went over the trade bait I had available since I wanted to include what I could in Christmas Cards shipments. So here we are!

Most of what I have left to cover is the complete and partial sets I pieced together from the multiple unsorted boxes of commons and inserts. And I'm not kidding when I say "unsorted" because most of those monster boxes had sets mixed in them like they got hit by a tornado. That's why it took me so long to sort everything out, such as an almost full 5000-card monster box of '96 Score!

Anyway to remind you, the haul looked like this:

I did hold onto a few non-card items I'll show off later, but first I'll give y'all a look at the sets:

1994 Finest: well here's a great way to start! As I think I've mentioned once or twice here, one of the boxes was filled up quite nicely with base and inserts from 1994-97 Finest, putting me in a good position to chase some of them when that would have been unlikely otherwise. The set that reminds me of Fruit Stripe Gum has 440 cards to chase and I ended up at a healthy 388 when combining the ones in the box with what was already in my collection. (Wantlist link)
1994 Ultra Series 2: this one really takes me back to when I was around 10 or 11, and I especially remember the Award Winners insert. The base was quite cool too and portended some good things that I think came to fruition in the '97 version, one of my favorites. The collection pretty much only included Series 2 so we'll see if I ever try to track down the first, but it wouldn't be the only set in my collection that's halfway done! At least I only need three cards to sew this one up. (Wantlist link)
1995 Donruss Series 1: another partial set and there's a couple more to get to as well. I kind of like how Donruss changed things up a bit back in their heyday like this version with the home plate inset photos and foil. As you'll sometimes see the two series here weren't split down the middle but instead the one I'm working on is 330 cards and the other is 220. With what I had already in my collections I came up a reasonable 10 cards short so this one shouldn't be bad to finish. (Wantlist link)
1995 Finest: didn't think I'd have much chance of owning this one for quite a while either! There weren't as many of these in the box as those from the other years of Finest but I still ended up with a lot of the first version that came with protectors. On a related note, you might remember from my first post about this collection pickup that I grabbed all the dupes I found of my PC guys so I'd have peeled versions of them as well. I'm just shy of 75% of this set at 246/330 when including my existing PC cards. (Wantlist link)
1995 Leaf Series 1: another half set, this one includes probably one of the more divisive designs in the hobby, but I've always liked it so getting to chase it is fun for me. The 400-card complete set was split in half and the first series includes some of my PC guys and favorite Tigers to collect like Dean Palmer, Cecil Fielder, Kirk Gibson, Greg Maddux, Cal Ripken Jr., and Lou Whitaker. I fell just one card short of the series, needing Dante Bichette's card #135. (Wantlist link)
1995 Score Series 1: I'm not the biggest fan of the infield dirt-colored backgrounds Score went with in '95 but this is still kind of a fun set otherwise. This is (sort of) the last of the partial sets, at least in the sense that it's the last one I only ended up with one series of. Once again this one comes in at 330 cards while #2 was 275. There's plenty of stars to see here plus a few prospects, season highlights, and, interestingly enough, dual team checklists. At some point in the new year I'll try to track down the 22 cards I need to finish this one and then maybe eventually figure out if I want the second series as well. (Wantlist link)
1996 Donruss: this one didn't take too long to grow on me and I was glad to see it among the boxes I was sorting through. The full bleed photos are quite nice though I understand the criticism of the placement of the team name/logo box. Like others here this one was issued in two series but both of them were plenty present in what I pulled so I'll be able to work on completing the whole thing, which is nice. And that shouldn't take long since I just need five of the 550 base cards! (Wantlist link)
1996 Finest (Common/Bronze only): man is this one exciting! I think '96 and '97 are my two favorite versions of Finest from the 90s and the box stuffed with the brand had plenty of the former--enough to put together two more complete Series 2 sets and two more of those that both needed fewer than 10. Oh, and in my case I'm shooting for the whole shebang, at least when it comes to the bronze base cards (also called Common on the backs). Though I came away with a surprising number of the silver and gold cards I'm more than happy to stick to the 110 cards from each series that could be found most often. That means I'm just chasing #21 (Eddie Murray), #101 (Tim Wakefield), and possibly a decently expensive Derek Jeter (#92) to close out the set with Series 1. That I'm this close to it is awesome, and plus I added more peeled cards to my collection! (Wantlist link (includes rarer cards of PC guys))
1996 Flair (Silver base w/ gold foil and Gold base w/ silver foil): I'm handling these together since they were apparently produced in the same quantities, though I tend to consider the cards with silver backgrounds and gold foil logos/names the "true" base. There was one monster box almost full of these and at first I thought there were five complete sets but instead they were mixed between the two versions. That led to an enormous TCDB project to get both variants correctly on the checklists (many thanks to those that did the bulk of the work, though I helped!) and now I'm chasing each 400-card variation. Considering how high-end it was at the time it's pretty cool that I seem to be a total of 25 cards shy of owning both silver and gold sets! (Wantlist link)
1996 Leaf: this is a fun, colorful and foil-y set with some cool photos so I was happy to end up with all 220 cards with enough dupes to put together a second set minus just one card (Jason Isringhausen's #26). It's got a good mix of Tigers and PC guys I collect while not being huge so it's right up my alley in a 90s kind of way!
1996 Score: and the final set today is a textbook entry from Score back when they still produced baseball sets. The 1996 version weighs in at 517 cards and I had absolutely zero problem pulling a whole set from the mess that was the boxes after stuffing a monster box full of commons. In fact, I ended up with three complete sets, a fourth missing just one card, and three more Series 1 sets, plus lots of extras! I still like the relatively simple look, decent subsets, and cool photos like Hal Morris' card above, so it was great to land one more full set here.

And now here's a quick look at what else I kept, generally for future TCDB trade bait and other deals:
Inserts part 1: 1994-97 Finest. This will be true of all three groups of inserts I show here but considering how many I kept for my PCs and included in Christmas card packages, it's absolutely bonkers to me that I have this many cards left, and some really nice ones too! I'm hoping I can turn some of the Refractors and Silver/Gold cards into similar ones of the players I collect.
Inserts part 2: 1996 and '97 Donruss. There's still a nice pile of Press Proofs (Gold and Silver) from both years giving you an idea of just how many there were (again). There's also a handful of examples from four other '97 chase cards, with Power Alley and Rocket Launchers being numbered. I still remember opening '97 Donruss boxes, especially the Rookie Update (essentially series 2) version fondly.
Inserts part 3: the last of them, from '96 Bowman and Score. That includes a few Bowman's Best previews and their parallels (though most got traded), ROY Candidates, and a Mantle reprint. Score includes Gold Stars, Future Franchise, Diamond Aces, and Artist's Proofs. I also mentioned the bevy of Dugout Collection parallels I had left in the last post listing stuff for trade, and those will also make their way to my TCDB trade bait at some point soon.
This plaque of Junior Griffey was one of three in the lot and one of two of this exact player, though the others ended up in Christmas packages. I already had something similar but since there were two up for grabs I kept the one that was more useful to me as it also included a card I didn't own, a fun 90s insert!
And finally, I kept a pretty large number of souvenir cups from a family that obviously loved them some Tigers and Wolverines. I'm more likely to store these than display them but couldn't convince myself to get rid of them, other than the duplicates, some of which I redistributed.

Well, that's pretty much everything I wanted to show off! As a reminder, I still have a good amount of stuff available from the last post that I'm willing to make deals for until I get sick of seeing it and list it on TCDB or dump it on Facebook/elsewhere.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (I sure did!) and look forward to showing off the December trade packages and other pickups I keep promising.

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Announcing Christmas Cards 2021! Plus Facebook collection trade bait

You didn't all think I'd go the entire month without posting, did you? Well I kind of did, but I finally got motivated enough to post tonight. While I have lots of great stuff to show you I have two things I want to get to tonight that I consider more important.

First up is announcing this year's Christmas Cards! Despite completely ditching COMC I have lots of stuff for a number of you and will be working on packaging and mailing things out over the next few days, whether or not they arrive by Christmas. It's the thought that counts, right? Anyway, it's one of my favorite yearly traditions so I'm excited to fill up some mailboxes with stocking stuffers once again. Keep an eye on yours, or on your favorite bloggers' blogs, Twitter, Youtube, and more!

Second, somewhat in conjunction with Christmas Cards, I've finally gotten organized enough to show off more of my loot from that huge Facebook collection purchase earlier this year. In this case, I'm posting the stuff I'd love to get rid of. There were boxes and boxes of commons/set-fillters plus near sets, and a fun mix of other stuff I'm happy to make available as well to any interested parties. Depending on your interest and the timing with which you let me know plus other logistics, some of these items may be able to be included in Christmas Cards packages. One thing I want to highlight quickly before proceeding:

A number of items you see below may be large and cause increased shipping charges, so I may ask for special considerations for them (help with shipping, a specific trade offer, etc.). That said, I'll do everything I can do accommodate everyone.

I'm hoping everyone will be considerate with their claims. But again, I'm also motivated to clear this stuff out as best as I can before I decide to post some of it on TCDB and/or throw boxes of commons back on Facebook/Nextdoor to get it out of my life!

Set fillers range from "not a whole lot" to "5000 count box full of it!" and my priority would be to help finish folks' sets, but I'm not necessarily against helping player collectors either. Complete sets are self-explanatory and near sets are on offer before I decide to see about possibly completing them myself. 

With all that explanation out of the way, please take a look over what's available below and leave me a comment/email/Twitter message with what you're interested in!

Set fillers:

Pacific Legends I





Finest (some claimed)

Ultra (mostly Series 2)

Donruss (mostly Series 1)
Leaf  (Series 1)
Score (mostly Series 1)
Stadium Club
Ultra (mostly Series 1)

Bowman Foil
Finest (Bronze only) (some claimed)
Flair (Silver base with gold foil) (some claimed)
Flair (Gold base with silver foil) (some claimed)
Fleer (not a lot)
Pinnacle (Series 1)
Score Dugout Collection (Series 1 and 2)


Finest (Common only)

Complete/near/starter sets:
  • 1994 Ultra Series 2: missing 7 cards
  • 1996 Finest Series 2 bronze only (110 cards)
    • 2x complete sets (both claimed)
    • 1 set missing 3 cards
    • 1 set missing 8 cards
  • 1996 Leaf: missing 1 card
  • 1996 Score
    • 2x complete sets (both claimed)
    • 1 set missing 1 card
    • 3x Series 1 complete sets
  • 1997 Donruss: missing 8 cards
  • 1997 Finest Series 1: missing 1 card (claimed)
Other stuff:
Danbury Mint McGwire/Sosa '98 Home Run Chase medallion book

Super Bowl XXXIV (2000, Rams over Titans) commemorative football in original packaging

1990-91 Pro Set Super Bowl XXV Silver Anniversary complete set (unopened) (checklist here)

1984 Olympics Series 1 Collector Pins set with original box, case, and certificates (claimed)

6x 1991 Fleer football rack packs (42 cards per pack)

Souvenir cups (1/3)
(L-R, top to bottom)
Jacobs Field inaugural season (14 available)
Tigers #1 (2 available)
Tigers #2
Mets 2008
Cubs lenticular
Cubs #1
Cubs #2 (2 available)
Souvenir cups (2/3)
(L-R, top to bottom)
Magic Johnson (claimed)
Dominique Wilkins
Reggie Miller
Alonzo Mourning (2 available)
Larry Bird
Michael Jordan (1 claimed, 1 available)
Detroit Pistons Vipers (Vipers first season)
Souvenir cups (3/3)
(L-R, top to bottom)
Cleveland Browns
2009 Final 4
Super Bowl XL
Notre Dame #1
2008 March Madness
Bob Probert
Notre Dame #2
1999 Michigan Football #1
1999 Michigan Football #2
Steve Yzerman

Once again, please comment/email/DM me on Twitter with whatever you're interested in and we'll go from there!