Wednesday, June 12, 2024

2024 trade package #5: Night Owl

Moving on into April, here's a look at the first trade package I received that month, courtesy of Greg of Night Owl Cards:
As it was April, Greg was wishing me a happy baseball season with these cards, which was a very nice thought. It's largely been more of the same frustrations with a few highlights mixed in, but that's what happens when you're a fan sometimes. I still love this team and most of the players, just not the awful owners.

Anyway, a lot of the cards in the package were new additions to my Tigers collections and that's great! Baddoo is a classic flagship numbered Gold parallel that's pretty much been a mainstay since 2001, and I'm always happy to add more of those to my collection. Baez has been one of the frustrating parts of the club the past few years but I still enjoy the Purple Heritage cards. I'm looking forward to adding more cards celebrating Miggy's dual 3000 hit/500 HR accomplishments, and you can't go wrong with a Heritage insert to do that. Clemens got dumped to Philly but Carpenter's been a rare pleasant surprise on offense when healthy. Englert hasn't done much to get excited about but his card's a Refractor so it's worth celebrating. And Greene continues to mix flashes of tantalizing talent with the lingering effects of injuries. I'm still all-in on him for now as a franchise mainstay, though.
Greene was well represented here which certainly works for me! That Action Stars insert was odd enough in its design and photo that if I didn't see the Tigers logo I would have guessed it was something made by Panini or Leaf. The unrelated Shane Greene can be seen in Yellow form. Confused? Don't be! Pitcher Garrett Hill gets a two-fer on his Topps Chrome Update base plus one of several orange/black foil Halloween-related parallels from the regular Update product. And I always enjoy showing off cards of legends Kaline and Kell together as I remember listening to the pair call games.
Manning has yet to live up to his prospect billing, partly due to health issues, but there's still time, though it'll feel like a (Topps) holiday if he does! Maton's bat caught whatever disease is going around the Detroit clubhouse and was mercifully let go. Greg included a nice selection of Ripkens for me here, two of which are from the 90s with the other pair being more recent. Naturally I really like the earlier cards more, especially the one made by Panini, though I do sometimes like Panini's Donruss parallels. E-Rod bolted Motown because he could make more money and be on a potentially decent team, though he apparently needs some good health news to actually get back on the mound. He was a Tiger long enough to make it into this year's Topps Series 1 set and its various parallels. Speaking of those, his former catcher Rogers can be seen on his appearance in the Holiday insert.
The rest of the baseball including the horizontal cards makes for a fun scan full of variety. The most interesting vertical card to me here is Tresh's '70 Topps base, my first vintage item of the Central Michigan grad who appeared in about 8.5 seasons with the Yanks before being flipped to Detroit in June of '69, his sunset season. Leave it to Greg to treat me to a cool vintage Tiger I didn't have!

As for the X-axis cards, they start with a bang thanks to the fancy Heritage parallel starring three former Tigers pitching prospects in Burrows, Funkhouser, and Garcia. It looks like Burrows bounced around a few systems since departing Detroit and he's now in the Phillies system. Funkhouser was in AA with Texas last year and hasn't pitched since that I can see. Garcia was a Yankees MLFA that the Tigers took in the 2019 Rule 5 draft and he also hasn't pitched in 2024 that I know of after spending last year in AAA.

Topps' kid-oriented Big League sometimes results in fun looking cards and the graffiti card above gets a thumbs up from me. Ditto for the design on Mize's card with a very cool background going on. I have no idea who Michael Papierski and Cody Sedlock are but neither was in the Detroit system for very long and appeared on a dual prospect card anyway. And lastly, Vierling's been a fairly solid addition in the deal that also brought Maton to Detroit for, among others, Clemens above. His Heritage card also includes a terrific background on the action photo.
Baseball wasn't the only sport to be found in this envelope but I'm not shocked because Greg's a fan of the Bills so he probably didn't find it too difficult to dig up cards of a few of the guys I collect. In fact, two of them here, Collins and Riemersma, played for Buffalo! Robinson and Stribling, meanwhile, both bounced around the NFL a bit before spending a bit of time in the short-lived AAF. Stribling also dabbled in the XFL, CFL, and USFL while Shoelace went into coaching and other athletic roles, though of course he recently lost his Michigan job due to a very stupid OWI.

As far as I'm concerned the two Bills cards are the best here because Collins appears in a Michigan uni and Riemersma's Fleer base has a typically cool design from the brand. But as always I appreciate folks like Greg who include any former Wolverines when they trade with me like Greg did here.

And with that I have to give a hearty thanks to Night Owl for an excellent trade package to lead off the MLB season! I may have complaints about my team but I have nothing but praise for this great bunch of cards sent to me by a first-ballot blogging HOFer. Greg, I have a little stack I've been putting together for you and hope to have enough to send a return your way soon. Until then, thanks for the cards and all the great content you provide, and good luck to your Dodgers in 2024!

Monday, June 10, 2024

3/1/24 card show report: March radness

This evening I'm finishing covering my March hobby goings-on with the only purchase I made that month, which ended up being my usual card show.

I headed over to Taylor on Friday, the first, and happily spent $100 on lots of great stuff. I don't remember most of what I got that wasn't keepers for me, but I don't just spend an amount like that on something like cards if I don't think it's worth it. So I'm sure I picked up some great package-fillers for some of you that follow me here and others I trade with.

Speaking of trade bait, you might have noticed I haven't really had any cards to show off that weren't already ticketed for trade packages in these show reports lately, and that's mainly because I haven't come across anything that seemed worth it. Instead I'm focusing most of my money and effort on stuff I know will be going to one of my regular collecting buddies. That doesn't mean I won't have more to claim again in the future, but that's a much lower priority for me because I already know what most of my usual trade partners might like.

With that out of the way, here's my keepers from the March show:

The Cal on top is from a 2001 Fleer Premium insert called Decade of Excellence. This was a huge 50-card chase set in that product with cards ranging from Ruth and Gehrig (1920s) all the way up to A-Rod/Jeter/Nomar and others in the "2000s," though obviously that decade had just begun. As you can see, Ripken is one of the players representing the 90s, and for very obvious reasons unless you were living under a rock. I like the look of this insert as I often do with Fleer cards from that era, plus it's a new Ripken, so, win-win!

Next, the biggest card I brought home this time was a 2001 SP Legendary Cuts bat relic of Wolverine/Tiger baseballer Charlie Gehringer. This was an especially exciting buy for me because of his connection to both teams, plus it's just a great example of the quality of vintage player relics that Upper Deck put out at the time. I'm also happy to add it to the other three Tigers I have from the Legendary Debut Bats set: Bill Freehan, Alan Trammell, and Lou Whitaker. '68 great Willie Horton is the last Tiger I need to finish up the team set, plus I'm chasing George Sisler for my Michigan PC.

I think the seller had this in his showcase for somewhere between $20-$30 and he gave me a discount on it with the rest of my purchase. I'm glad I didn't leave it for someone else to snag so I'd regret it! That's just my second Gehringer relic to go with 10 autographs and a plate.
The football side of things was mostly inserts with a couple other items of interest thrown in. Darboh's from 2017 Panini Classics' Red Back parallel, and while the back is the main difference, I was more interested in landing another numbered card, plus the college photo is a plus. Speaking of numbered stuff, Devin Funchess got two of those added to his PC (which sits at exactly 100, woo!): a 2015 Panini Clear Vision Blue parallel of his RC (kick acetate!) /99 and 2018 Panini Silver Knight parallel /50.

Then, Dax brings the Rated Rookie goodness from '22 Donruss as my 8th RC of the talented DB. A Michigan-uniformed Charles Woodson is the subject of a rookie year Press Pass insert from 1998 called Triple Threat. He was one of three players (Peyton Manning, Ryan Leaf) to be included in the set, and each player appears on three cards, with the one you see above being Woodson's third. I'd love to get the other two to put them together to celebrate the guy who rightly defeated the other two for the Heisman late in '97.

Last up on the insert side of things I came up with a cool pair of Pacific inserts of two guys I always lump together: David Terrell and Anthony Thomas. I have more of the latter than the former, though that's because A-Train's career lasted longer than Terrell's, leading to Thomas appearing on just about double the number of cards. So it was super cool to find both of them out of this 2001 Private Stock Titanium insert that was numbered /2000 and given out at the 2002 Hawaii Trade Conference. Yep, these two have lived it up better than I have!

And last up is one other hit that I thought would be fun to snag for something like $2 or $3: a 2020 Panini Contenders Blue Foil auto of former Michigan QB Shea Patterson. The guy who famously (allegedly) put more effort into his golf game than football practice still put up some good games for the Maize & Blue in 2018-19 so I didn't mind paying a few bucks for my third autograph of his, and first from a "real" brand (the other two are Leaf). I'd say it was worth it to get the full Michigan uniform experience even if it's a sticker-graph.

And that does it for what was a pretty low-key March for me. Don't worry, though, because there's lots more to see from April on, and I'll be back with a post that starts covering that month's cards soon!

Saturday, June 1, 2024

2024 trade package #4: Sport Card Collectors

Happy June! As for me, I'm on to March over here, though I think that was a relatively slow month for me so maybe I'll make up some time with enough posts over the next few weeks.

Tonight you get to see the first cards that were sent to me this year by Matt of various blogs including Sport Card Collectors. He always manages to PWE over some cool stuff, especially when it comes to my Tigers and Michigan Football collections.

Here's what he sent me back in March:
RP Lange is one of three current/former Tigers seen on Purple Heritage parallels tonight. Though he'd been decent in the past he's had a frustrating year (join the club--oh wait, he's on the right one for that) and a hissy fit that included firing a ball over the dugout when being taken out led to a demotion to AAA for now. I'm sure he'll be back, but things aren't looking great for supposed winner AJ Hinch.

Speaking of frustrating, one guy who has a legitimate beef is starter Reese Olson (2024 Topps) who gets just about zero run support whenever he pitches, leading to a completely unjustified 1-6 record. It took until his 10th start to get his first victorious decision despite giving up more than two runs just twice in 11 starts. Just think how good of a 1-2 he and Tarik Skubal could be if the cheap/incompetent owners and front office actually acquired and held on to quality bats!

Tork, star of a Topps Chrome insert, looked like such a bat by the end of last year but he's got some different swing mechanics going on this year that I blame on the coaching staff because this is a guy who could hit right out of college.

I'll get to the Verlanders in a minute but first let's look at Vierling (another purple!) who's been decent this year, plus a Mini of Austin Meadows, the guy Detroit foolishly traded away Isaac Paredes to acquire. Maybe his little bro will pan out for the Tigers, but so far that's feeling unlikely.

(Another tire fire of a Tigers season aside, this was a nice selection of cards of my hometown team!)

And now we get to just a few too many Verlanders! Can you believe in just a few weeks it'll be the 17th anniversary of JV's first no-no, which he fired against the Brewers? His 2022 AL Cy Young nod--pointed out by that Heritage card--was his second with Houston and third overall go go with 2011 and 2019. As mentioned, he joined Lange and Vierling in this shipment in getting the Heritage Purple treatment. And finally, there are a couple Ginter Minis including another relatively rare appearance from his stint with the '23 Mets. That's my 13th card of him with the dysfunctional franchise that can't stop punching itself in the face.
Besides Verlander, the best player in the envelope was one Aidan Hutchinson, the local boy who made good after moving on up to the Lions once his outstanding college career in Ann Arbor ended. These two Retail Blue Panini Select cards appear to do a good job of showing off one of his coveted traits: the "endless motor" that draftniks love. With what's likely a very improved secondary, he could make even more noise at and behind the line of scrimmage this year, living up to his hype as a QB-seeking missile.

Matt, as always thanks so much for thinking of me and IDing some great new fits for my collections. Having already fired back (which you've already recapped), I'll have to start another stack for you, but in the meantime I'll be glad to show off the next bunch you sent me once I've made it into May's acquisitions.

I think the next post you see here should be my March show recap, and that may just do it for that month. April might not take me too long either with a single show and two or three trades. May will be a crazy month to catch up on with three shows (the "June" show for me was actually yesterday, still in May) plus a bunch of trades. So, yeah, lots more good stuff to come!

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

2024 eBay purchase: how Rudock!

(Quick note: I thought I was wrapping up February when I went to post this and then realized I actually purchased the card in late January. Oh well, whatever--I tend to do something like quarterly eBay pickup posts and this is the only item I've bought on that site for myself through May, so we'll press on!)

Above note aside, let's finish up February's (or January's, or whatever!) pickups by looking at my first eBay buy of 2024:

Here we have a magenta plate of former Iowa/Michigan QB Jake Rudock. The plate was used to produce his 2016 Playoff RC though it was actually inserted into Panini's Plates & Patches product that year, as is Panini's wont.

Since I can't remember when I discussed Rudock last, I'll give a quick recap of his college and pro careers. A fairly standard pocket-passer-type QB, the Florida native headed to Iowa and was pretty much their starter in 2013 and 2014, with the team going 8-5 and 7-6 over those two seasons. He transferred to Big Ten foe Michigan for the 2015 season as it was apparent that new big thing C.J. Beathard would be taking over under center in coach Kirk Ferentz's stone age offense. The switch (or other combined factors) led to the Hawkeyes going 12-0 in the regular season, though they lost by 3 to Big Ten champion MSU, then got their faces kicked in by Stanford in the Rose Bowl. The following season Iowa stumbled to an 8-5 record once again.

Meanwhile, Rudock would become the answer to a trivia question: Jim Harbaugh's first QB as coach of his alma mater after the embarrassing end to Brady Hoke's tenure (which was the result of Rich Rodriguez's embarrassing tenure). He brought some respectability to the position (though that's no ding against the valiant efforts made by the colossally mismanaged Devin Gardner) and after stumbling in a tough road test against what would be a ranked Utah team, he led the Wolverines to 9 regular season wins with a close loss to temporarily good MSU and a typical blowout loss for the time against the Buckeyes. Highlights included a November bombing of Indiana in a 2OT game plus a 41-7 curb-stomping of the Gators in the Citrus Bowl. That was Michigan's first bowl win since the 2012 Sugar Bowl and would be Harbaugh's only postseason victory until his squad defeated Alabama and Washington to win the whole thing earlier this year.

Based on his steady improvement, Rudock earned a look with the Lions as a 6th round pick after that season, which is not bad at all since he didn't appear to have much of an NFL future before heading to Ann Arbor. That's not to say that his NFL career amounted to much--just spot duty in three 2017 contests in which he completed 3 of 5 passes for 24 yards and an interception. The Lions eventually let him go in early 2019, then he signed on with the Dolphins, though he never went active with them.

You won't hear Jake complaining about those results, though, because he gave the league his best shot and is now in med school back in Ann Arbor. How cool is that?

Rudock remains one of a growing number of transfers (both in and out) that I collect, with that number sure to shoot up big-time thanks to the burgeoning landscape of the transfer portal and NIL money. I'll always fondly remember his single season with the Maize & Blue when he and Harbaugh arrived to try to right the ship, the first step on a long journey that culminated in a championship that brought elation and relief to Michigan fans worldwide. This plate is now my best card in his small collection, joined by a higher-end autograph to make a solid pair. At about $12 delivered (including tax), I was happy to add it. As luck would have it, I'm even tied with Jeff as his top collector on TCDb at 11 cards!

And with that I should now be caught up through February (aside from TCDb trades which will get recapped in a larger catch-up post) so I should be moving on to March next time.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

2024 Twitter purchase: an old pitcher from an old friend

Tonight's should be a quick post as I'm showing off just one card, but it's a cool one from someone I don't get to mention too often these days. My BB4L/GB4L ((Alison) Brie buddy for life/Gracie (Lawrence) buddy for life) Greg of Plaschke, Thy Sweater is Argyle, who can now mainly be found on Twitter, was doing a thread where he sold a bunch of stuff back in February. I was mainly interested in picking up a card for a TCDb friend but was thrilled to get another one for myself in the deal, with $25 going to Las Vegas's biggest Clayton Kershaw fan.

Here's what I was excited to nab:
And the Jeopardy question is "Who are two pitchers who were fairly significant prospects back in 2008?" Andrew Miller was Detroit's first round pick in 2006, #6 overall out of UNC (oddly enough, one pick before a Dallas high-schooler named Clayton Kershaw and a few before Tim Lincecum and Max Scherzer went back-to-back) and was Baseball America's #10 overall prospect in 2007. At the end of that year he and fellow first-rounder Cameron Maybin were the co-headliners of an eight-player deal that brought Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to Motown. Though he never turned into a top-of-the-rotation starter, he did become a fairly valuable bullpen weapon, mostly with the Yankees and Indians. I'm sure Detroit fans still appreciate him to this day for his part in Miggy spending 16 years in Detroit!

Meanwhile, Richard Joseph "Dick Mountain" Hill was a fourth-rounder of the Cubs out of UM in 2002. While he didn't have that first-rounder shine or make appearances on all the top-100 lists, by 2007 he'd been in the league for parts of three seasons, including his first full one, where he went 11-8. Who knew that the year the above card was made--2008--would be his last in the Windy City, before stops in Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, LA/Anaheim, the Bronx, back to Boston, Oakland, LA, Minnesota, Tampa, Boston again, Pittsburgh, and San Diego? Who would have thought that he'd reemerge as a solid veteran presence in the rotation as he got older, nearly throw a perfect game, and appear in 19 total MLB seasons (with 2024 still on the table!), and remain active longer than the guy drafted four years after him?

Yet that's how the story played out for the two guys on this 2008 Upper Deck Premier Premier Pairings Autographs dual auto, which is numbered on the front /25. And also, who knew that this card would mark a pretty cool milestone in my collection: hit #150 of Mr. Hill? Even I didn't and I'm the one that keeps track of this stuff! That's pretty rad to me as he continues to account for more than 1/3 of my Michigan Baseball PC with the next closest contender being Zach Putnam's 35. My count includes 35 1/1s and something like 99 cards featuring his signature. What a crazy ride my collection of him has been to parallel his own wild career.

Many thanks to one of my favorite old friends in Greg. This one's for you, my dude!:

Everyone else who isn't aware of the absurdly talented band Lawrence, please enjoy the above video and others in their "Acoustic-ish" series (featuring some other absurdly talented musicians) and get on the hype train, because they're amazing!

Sunday, May 19, 2024

2024 Facebook Marketplace purchase: February Facebookin'

Since I'm still recapping February's pickups, today I'm going to give a quick look at my first Facebook Marketplace purchase of the year.

So later in that month I saw a seller that had a few different postings that included images like this one:

I asked him what he wanted for whatever he had left and that amounted to a total of three boxes and somewhere between 9000-10K cards.
He originally asked for $60 for that stuff, then quickly went down to $50 taking into account that I'd be driving over there (not far from my monthly show in Taylor). That sounded good to me!

I brought it all home and started flipping through it, and once again I most definitely got my money's worth of trade bait, keepers, and fun. The four major sports were well represented, plus soccer, WWE, MMA, and even other stuff. And I was very happy that a relatively small amount was junk with most of it being stuff from the past five-to-ten years. If I recall correctly I think the seller told me these were leftovers from a collection he acquired from a guy who busted a lot of boxes/packs, and that seems accurate.

I'm still sorting through everything and have started listing the set-fillers on TCDb, plus I think I got most of the better inserts up already, and that's led to some trades there, and a lot of you that got trade packages from me in the past couple months got anywhere from a few to a lot of the cards from this lot (so, again, mission accomplished!).

Right now the bulk of what I listed on TCDb was from the past few years of Heritage, Archives, and Donruss, but we'll see what else I list, including possibly a ton of Topps flagship (especially 2021) and some miscellaneous others, not to mention the other sports. I may make an announcement here when I have more listed in case anyone wants to match me there for trades, but for now my best advice if you trade there is just to keep your wantlists updated.

So with all that out of the way, here's everything I found for my own collections, which is great since it'll give you a good sense of some of the products that were well represented:

Avila's a former Tiger I still collect if not one I go after that hard. I was ready to dump all over Baez even more in this post until he (and the rest of the team) went off the past couple games. There's still a pretty high chance he'll be one of those former Tigers whose cards I flip over to my trade list, or at least most of them--I tend to keep the cooler looking inserts--but for now I'm holding onto them. He was one of two current/former Tigers that dominate tonight's post.
Seriously, there was a lot of el Mago and between this haul and some trades (especially a couple packages from Jeff) I went from not very many to 77!
Here's the last page of just Baez, though you'll see a bit more of him later. Are you getting a good sense of which sets were prominent here? I think '21 Heritage and that year's flagship Topps were the top two but either way there was a good mix of designs and inserts.
How about some inserts and base of Tigers legends Miggy, Cobb, and Goslin (1934-37 including the '35 champs)? When Cabrera gets elected on his first ballot he'll join those two as well as Griffey and Gwynn in the Hall. Mr. Padre reminds us here that Stadium is still amazing.
One Larkin parallel did manage to sneak into the bunch, and Maddux is the third of the big quartet, though Ripken isn't represented this time. Co-prospects Manning and Mize flank another former catcher I sometimes collect in James McCann.
Rogers' bat hasn't come back yet but I'm glad to see him back to health. Former Tiger Scherzer was the other guy whose totals got a nice bump thanks to this purchase as you'll see in this scan and a few others.
If I wasn't so lazy I could look at my TCDb history to see when his PC grew and by how much, but for now I just looked at the site and I have 125 of him, so these pickups definitely pushed him over the century mark. Simba's new card is from a small stack of Sport Kings cards I pulled out of the boxes.
Tigers ace Skubal leads off this scan and boy is it fun watching him pitch this year, just like seeing vintage Verlander. It's still a travesty Detroit never won a title with JV and Max, but I chalk that up to bad luck and questionable management. Speaking of the latter, Baez sneaks in one more time and is joined by former stars Fielder and Pudge.
More Scherzer, more JV, and a couple team cards I somehow didn't have. Verlander's last card warrants another "Stadium Club rules!" comment because, come on, look at that shot!
The basketball portion was also somewhat fruitful for me thanks to three players appearing at least once: THJ, Poole, and Duncan Robinson. Illusion, Mosaic, and Prizm were fairly well represented in that sport and I'll probably have a better idea how those look if/when I get them sorted and listed.

Brady and Bush kick off the gridiron content, and since I picked up these boxes the latter has signed with the Browns.
Gary is one of two players in the group who got a pair of cards added to his collection, joining Chase Winovich. Haskins, dumbass Lewan, Wheatley, and the GOAT Woodson each saw their PC increase by one.

The amount of hockey in the bunch was relatively small but I did snag one new card of stud Nucks D-man Quinn Hughes, whose team will go to a game 7 with Zach Hyman's Oilers tomorrow night.

Without taking a lot more time which would certainly make me even less motivated to post I don't think this gave you the best idea of the fun I had flipping through these cards and finding some great content to send out to some of my favorite folks, but if it only gives you a snapshot I guess that's not bad. I expect my spoils to continue to result in more trades with bloggers and on TCDb and that makes this purchase another unqualified success.

I actually have another Marketplace purchase I'm excited to show off eventually when I'm more caught up (you'll continue to see that phrase a lot) but first there's other stuff to cover from previous months.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

2/2/24 card show report: fabulous February

Yesterday I went to my second show in just over a week and John (with whom I got to hang along with Jeff, Kevin, and Jason--more on that in a future post) made fun of me for being as behind as I am on posting so here I am! Tonight I'm covering my monthly show haul from Taylor back in early February.

My spending tracking sheet says I spent a year-high $130 while I was there, split up between my favorite seller plus the vintage guy that often sits behind him. That was too long ago to remember how that breaks down but I know I added some nice trade bait pieces to packages that have and will be sent out.

As for my own haul, it looked like this:

I believe the Griffeys were a buck each, and who doesn't love Starting Lineup cards, with or without the figures? A lot of the other stuff you'll see here likely came from dime or quarter boxes (or maybe $0.50-ers, I can't remember!) and I was quite happy with the mix.
The Griffey and Maddux in this scan plus the Verlander all came from my usual guy, and I believe JV's jersey cost me somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 or $10. By my count that's 32 hits of Mr. Kate Upton, and it was nice to get something of him in a Tigers jersey again.

The others came from the vintage guy and if I had to guess I spent $40 on his $3 box where you can get eight cards for $20? Got some for me and for others. Lolich's '75 Mini is appropriate given this year's Heritage/Mini set while the others were fun oddballs of Tigers greats. The Fidrych and Horton food issues are cool but man do those stamps look sharp. And I was excited to add a cool piece in the Kaline scratch-off card, which I did not scratch off, but did scan in full here:

I grabbed a few trade bait items from him as well.
Next up is some slightly rare basketball content in the form of a couple relics that I think were $2-$5. Bufkin, thanks to one of Panini's sweater cards, joins the collection along with former Piston Livers. An aptly named hooper, Bufkin was a two-and-done in Ann Arbor, going to the Hawks at #15 overall in last year's draft. I'm sure I'll find something more interesting like an autograph to add to his collection but since these sweater cards are still cooler than any "event-worn" plain white swatches, I'll take it!
I ended up with about one and a half scans worth of cheapo Wolverines out of the dime, et al, boxes, and got a nice mix of players and color.
See? There's a few more to enjoy here including two new items for the GOAT Woodson's collection, and I keep growing Hutch's as well, which has been a nice trend.

Lastly, though I have to spoil that this theme has since been broken, I came home with three more Funchess hits from that show, where I often seemed to attract them like a very grateful magnet. In this case they're all jersey relics but at least there's a mix of color, size, and designs, and all three are numbered. The trio puts him over the 30-card mark to 31, making him the 16th player in my football collection to hit that milestone.

So that's another show recap in the books. I believe my next post will be one that recaps another great Facebook Marketplace experience that I'm still benefitting from months later. And yeah, I'll eventually catch up to my two shows from this month, including the meetup I mentioned from yesterday.