Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 trade package #10: who's your daddyohoho?

Now that I've finished showing off the contents of the huge BA Benny trade package, it's on to a couple other great packages I received from others recently.

Today's comes from Sean, a.k.a. daddyohoho, of Screaming Line Drive.  Back in December he sent me some outstanding stuff because I had thrown some of my fall cleaning lots his way.  I responded in kind last month, and then he sent even MORE stuff back to me last week, this time a nice pile of Tigers.  Behold:
An Avila, a pair of Cabreras and Tony Clarks, plus four Cecil Fielders.  When I recently sorted through all my "other" Tigers that aren't already grouped by player, I pulled out a few other guys I thought deserved that honor, and Clark was one of them since he did about as well as he could for a few years' worth of awful, awful Detroit teams.  So while I'm not seeking him out exactly, I am keeping whatever I find of him, and that's great because the Gallery smack in the middle is a very nice card.
A couple more Fielders, a Fister (of whom I'm trying to collect more as his number of issues increases), a five-spot of former SS Travis Fryman, and a spiffy Mini Gold of A-Jax #d 07/61, which might have been the top card in the package!
Here we have a lone Peralta joined by cards of three of my favorite former Tigers.  Palmer's tenure (and effectiveness) in Detroit was fleeting, but he provided some nice power at 3B after some solid seasons elsewhere, and I've always liked him for some reason.  Tettleton owned one of the top five batting stances ever and also had pretty nice power considering he was a catcher.  And Trammell is Trammell, easily one of the greatest Tigers ever, period.
We finish with a few other interesting items.  One Verlander is by definition NOT too many Verlanders, but I think I can forgive Sean for that.  Especially when he sends me four cards of "Sweet" Lou, which reminds me that I should count up what I have of him sometime as I've been collecting his stuff all my life.  The Merrill Refractor and X-Fractor hail from 2002 Bowman Chrome and are #d 128/500 and 145/250 respectively.  The former SS prospect may not have become a Major Leaguer, but these two cards will fit in nicely with my other Tigers inserts.  Finally, a couple Conlons ("First Card!") round things out.

Sean also included a few Wolverines which can be seen over at TMM.

Thanks again for a fun and unexpected package, Sean!  I look forward to trading again in the future once I find some other stuff that's right up your alley.  Readers, please head over to Screaming Line Drive and get trading with Mr. daddyohoho now!

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