Sunday, March 10, 2013

2013 BA Benny Bonanza part 4: Tigertown part 1

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Today I'm tackling part of the largest portion of the package that Mike sent me:  the Tigers.  Today you'll get to see a mere fraction of the base and inserts he sent me, and then hopefully soon, I'll get to the hits!

So here's a sampling of some of the best Tigers cards Mike sent, though again, you should keep in mind that there was a LOT more where this came from!
I was going alphabetically but it sure looks like I put the best stuff at the top so far!  I'm especially excited about the Blue Avila Refractor (#074/199), Cabrera Heritage Refractor (067/563) and Fidrych parallel (075/250).  I certainly appreciate the new Cobbs, too.
The Fielders and two Grandersons look great, but the real highlight here would be the Kalines.  The numbered Triple Threads is a nice enough addition, but the 2011 Update SP is very cool, featuring a beautiful shot of a young Mr. Tiger.
And here's some more winners:  three guys that won a World Series ring, and one I hope does very soon.  Nothing against the pair of numbered Triple Threads cards, which are great, but the Chrome Generation Now insert is the tops in this scan (and probably this whole post).  Why?  It's #d 01/99!
This package had some of everything, and here I decided to show off a few of the vintage cards (all from the 1970s) and a few HOFers too.  Definitely a nice group, including "Wahoo."
Here's a few of my favorite inserts Mike included:  a Masterpieces Green of former top prospect Andrew Miller, a few Topps Golds, a parallel of Charlie Furbush (hehehe!) #d 12/50, a CopperFractor of Clete Thomas, and a five-spot of minis.
I thought I'd showcase this 2004 Fleer Platinum Cabby insert by itself since I had to scan it front and back anyway.  It's a cool folding card made to look like--surprise--a scouting report.  Points for all three bits of analysis, which continue to be true today.  If anything, the "hitting" category understated his potential, obviously, since the "crown" he earned was of the triple variety.  One nit to pick:  what's with the weird indentation on the left half of the inside to the point where part of the text goes over the fold?  Otherwise, this is a very unique insert and a great addition to my Cabrera pile.

Thanks again, again, Mike!  I can't wait to get these mixed in with the rest of my Tigers and see where I stand with all of these players.

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  1. That scouting report card is a cool insert! Never seen one like it before.

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'd only seen that in a Bowman relic set otherwise. Pretty cool!