Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2013 BA Benny Bonanza part 5: Tigertown part 2

Previously:  Part 1 (complete sets)Part 2 (Cal Ripken Jr.)Part 3 (Detroit Lions), Part 4 (Tigers base/inserts)

The other day you got to see a very tiny portion of the great Detroit base and hits Mike sent me.  Today I'm showing off a stunning array of hits that would be sure to boggle the mind of any Tigers collector, and that goes double for yours truly:
Wheatland was the Tigers' #1 pick in 2000, a prototypical wasted high draft pick after another prototypical wasted season.  Think Detroit could have done something with those who were drafted a bit later, such as Chase Utley or Adam Wainwright?
The Triple Threads Cabrera is a nice addition for a single-color swatch, and as an added bonus it's #d 01/36, making it a big win for me.
The Bonderman, along with the one below, gives me four hits of the former Tiger looking to reboot his career with the M's.  We here at TMV (i.e., me) wish him a happy and successful comeback!
Mike included two Zumayas in this package, but the one below is a double; this new one gives me six hits (including an autograph) of the former fireballing phenom.
The Pudge is somehow my first hit of any kind of him.  It's possible I had one in the past but sold or traded it, but that doesn't matter because this one, picturing him as a Tiger, is a total keeper!
The Maybin is a nice shot of him in a USA Futures Game jersey, something I know Mike was big into among his various collecting pursuits (the USA theme, not the Futures Game).
The Avila GQ jersey is a double but will make for excellent trade bait.
I had a Nate Robertson Beam Team auto just like the Jones, but like the Gum Time man himself, I don't know if I can stand to keep anything of Jones, one of my least favorite closers ever.  It's a gorgeous card, though, and will also make for quality trade bait.
Magglio is a guy I seem to attract hits of for some reason, and when they're high-quality like the above dual-jersey and patch below, I'm happy to get more!
The highlight of this scan is the Tram bat front and center.  The design isn't showy but it highlights the two most important aspects effectively:  the player photo and the relic.  Make it three relics and five hits overall for the Tiger SS legend.
Sheffield wasn't a favorite of mine before, during, or after his brief Tiger career, but at least this is a fairly cool relic which could make for a good trade item for a fellow Detroit collector maybe?
Originally a Mets draft pick, Cedeno spent a forgettable 2001 in Detroit, with a nice number of steals against a league-leading number of times caught stealing.  Any other Tigers fans interested?
The Torres is one of the more unique manu-"relics" you'll find, in the vein of actual and manufactured ticket stubs, really.  This Baseball Weekly box score celebrates his first career MLB hit (a triple) and RBI, the lone run in a loss to the Indians on April 7, 2002.  The Detroit lineup is so devastatingly bad it makes me want to cry--so bad, in fact, that I want fellow Tigers and baseball fans to share in my misery:

  • LF Bobby Higginson (Detroit had to suffer three more years of his reign of terror)
  • SS Shane Halter (Made Tigers fans want to hang themselves.  Get it?)
  • C Mitch Meluskey (Played eight games for the Tigers in between seasons with Houston after being traded to Detroit)
  • 3B Dmitri Young (A fat, belligerant diabetic who collects cards.  So what's his Beckett ID?)
  • DH Dean Palmer (The only quality player here, though he played only four games in '02, and 26 the following year before hanging 'em up)
  • 1B Randall Simon (Led the team in HR with 19 FERCRYINOUTLOUD)
  • 2B Jose Macias (One of the suckier sucks that ever sucked, so of course I pulled a rare autograph of him years ago)
  • RF Wendell Magee ('02 was mercifully his last MLB season.  HIS NAME IS WENDELL, of course he was gonna suck!)
  • CF Andres Torres (Didn't show much during rookie year audition, but did win a ring with the 2010 Giants and scored himself a FA deal with them again late last year after a stop with the Mets)
Hold me, guys, I'm starting to have flashbacks...

Finally we have a Bowman auto of former pitching prospect Andy Van Hekken, a Michigan native drafted by the M's in the third round in '98, two picks before the Bombers landed fellow Michigander Drew Henson.    He came to Detroit in a deal for one of my all-time favorite Tigers, Brian Hunter, then pitched in five 2002 contests in his only career MLB action.  He at least has a win to his name, so he's got that going for him.

This staggering pile of hits was completely unexpected and easily one of the highlights of the whole package. I'll sort through what'll stay and what'll go and get things scanned accordingly soon.  I also have one last post related to this package so I can tie up some loose ends, and I'll get on that very soon--likely tomorrow.

Once again, thanks for all this ridiculousness, Mike!  There's no trade package like a BA Benny trade package!

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