Friday, April 11, 2014

2014 You Complete Me #3: Score (off the) board

Last Sunday I showed you the first chunk of cards from my Sportlots purchases that led to a couple completed sets, and today I'm back with the ones that hadn't arrived until the other day.  These cards hail from 2013 Score football:
There were 30 in all spread out over a few packages, and these six featured the most exciting photos, which is really no surprise since the horizontal layout gives you better options.  What I thought was most interesting is that Score did a great job with the Derrick Johnson card, giving a great view of a menacing LB staring across the line of scrimmage; cards like these might make defensive players more collectible!

Some of you might vaguely recall that I dipped my toe into collecting this set last June with a few rack packs, grabbed more, and also got some help in multiple trades, including Screaming Line Drive and My Cardboard Mistress (thanks again, guys!).  One of the most productive parts of this quest was nabbing a huge chunk of the rookies last July, meaning I mostly just needed base help, which I got in abundance thanks to several trades.  When I got down to needing just 30 cards, it was off to Sportlots to shut the door on another set--and it didn't even take me a year!

Just three sets remain on my football set wants, and I'm as motivated as ever to knock those off soon too!  Until then, here's to another one scratched off the list.  And some nice photos, there's that too.

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