Wednesday, November 13, 2013

2013 trade package #30: MCMmmm mmmm good

As many of you already know, Adam of My Cardboard Mistress is back in the game, and he was nice enough to send me a pretty sweet trade package recently, which I'm finally getting around to showing after having to get over a lack of desire to go through the hassle of scanning stuff (I call it scannertia).  I owe it to great traders like Adam (and others, posts pending!) to put in the effort if they're willing to go to the trouble of sending me stuff, right?  RIGHT!

Here's the TMV half of what Adam sent (and as always you can catch the rest on TMM this evening):
12 base cards from 2013 Score football.  We're both working on the set (and I just sent Adam a bunch for his), and out of these I still needed 10, which knocked out more than a quarter of the 39 I had left:

2013 Score:  2 13 15 21 28 43 49 60 72 87 97 99 107 109 112 114 129 146 148 150 154 175 184 193 200 206 212 214 226 233 254 264 268 274 278 281 291 302 330

2013 Score:  2 13 15 21 49 60 72 87 99 107 109 112 114 129 148 150 154 193 200 206 212 214 226 233 254 264 278 291 302 330

That's one case where shrinkage is a plus!  He also threw this in:
Laugh it up, Spankee, the Motor City Felons are in first place somehow!

Ok, back to sports that matter in Detroit:
This is a pretty good quartet of Tigers.  I hope Detroit holds onto Porcello and he turns into a good #3 or 4 starter.  Sandwiched between his cards are a guy who's no stranger to sandwiches, 2013 playoffs LVP Prince Fielder, and a guy who's earned all the sandwiches he can eat, probable 2013 AL MVP Miguel Cabrera.  Adam would have sent a Fielder mini but he wouldn't have fit on a card that small, though his ALCS stats would.

And then there was THIS surprise:
Cecil Fielder 2013 Topps Allen and Ginter Framed Mini Relics bat
Very cool, my first hit of Big Daddy!  I'm glad it's a bat, as that's what he'll always be remembered for in Detroit.  I still remember being a young Tigers fan the year he clubbed a pair of homers on the final day of the season to eclipse 50.

Oh yeah, and this popped out too:
Barry Larkin 2002 Upper Deck Championship Caliber Swatch jersey
Nice!  It's a Barry Larkin relic I didn't have.  I'm always happy to add anything of his, hit or not, so this one, my 13th hit of the HOFer, is very much appreciated.

Thanks again for the trade, Adam, let's do it again soon!  Readers, head on back to My Cardboard Mistress to get caught up on Spankee's catching up posts.


  1. "Sandwiched between his cards are a guy who's no stranger to sandwiches..."

    Brilliant. This trade was worth it simply for that line.

    1. Happy to help. And Prince really is off-putting. As in, he should be off pudding. Because he's fat.