Sunday, January 9, 2011

'08 Razor Letterman break is officially a go

The case has been ordered and hopefully will get to me by this Friday (I don't have shipping info yet but I'm hoping it ships out tomorrow).  With that in mind, here are the official rules:

  • One case, 10 boxes of five, 50 total autograph patches
  • 10 total break slots, including me, so 9 would be available.
  • If I don't get at least five other participants, the break will include as many boxes as there are participants plus three, giving us enough variety that some great stuff should be pulled, but making things fair for everyone, including me.
  • $33 shipped per slot; payment is due the day before the break (so in this case, Friday by 11:59 PM).  Please comment or email me for my Paypal address if you need it. 
  • Each slot is guaranteed five autographs
  • Distribution of the hits:  we'll bust all the packs, then draft everything one slot at a time, with draft slots randomized.  It will be a snake draft, which means the person who picks last in odd numbered rounds picks first in even numbers.  As last time, I'll randomize several times if necessary should I get the first pick
  • As before, I'd then allow trading at any point before I package the cards for shipping
  • I'll ship the cards as soon as I can once everything's settled, though I'd plan on the following Monday
  • Scheduled break date/time:  I'm currently currently planning on the evening of Saturday, the 15th at 3:00 pm EST.  This will include a live video stream of the break, followed by the card selection draft, then any trading anyone would like to do (so please consider your availability accordingly).  Please make sure you can at least be around for the card selection, because if not I'll have to select your cards for you, manually or randomly.
  • That time would hopefully allow UPS enough time to get here late should the case be scheduled to come that day.  Also, I'm hoping it's a time everyone would be able to attend.  Though I'd like everyone to be there to see the break video, it's more important that they be around for the drafting/trading of cards afterward (and I figure I should try to avoid Saturday/Sunday for now due to some exciting NFL games on tap).  There's some uncertainty on this date/time for now because the case hasn't shipped yet, but I'll provide constant updates so everyone knows what's up.  In the meantime, please let me know as soon as you can if there's a date/time combo that works better for you and I'll see what we can do. 
  • Confirmed breakers so far:  Derek, BA Benny, Eric L
Bonus stuff:  For being part of this break I'm offering up to two bonuses:
  • Just for being part of the break, you'll get a free entry (per slot you purchase) in my upcoming contest (details to come after this break, but as a hint, think unopened box)
  • If you refer someone, make sure they let me know when they sign up and I'll give you a free hit (not from the break), ideally of your favorite player/team, but I'll do my best to get you something useful
As a reminder, some details about the set can be found in my first break post.

Sound good?  Let's round up some breakers and get to busting!

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