Saturday, January 8, 2011

Non-Blowout Forums content: Another trade post featuring BA Benny

Let me start out by saying that if you haven't traded with BA Benny, you're either stupid, or a Communist, or both.  Dude's fair, easy to work with and he always sends great stuff.

We traded again for like the 20th time after he participated in my last break (hooray for saving on shipping), and my end of stuff arrived today.  The package included Tigers (90's and 00's), Lions, Michigan baseball and Michigan football alumni.  As usual, I was thrilled with my return.  Highlights:

Grandersons:  one, two, three, four--yeah, that's just the right amount of Grandersons
A pair of purdy Cabreras.  LOVE those Masterpieces.
Some great inserts.  I hate hate HATE Attax cards, but this foil Cabrera looks great and is therefore not the typical Topps filler.  I'm a fan of the Golds, too.  Hooray for some new Verlanders!
Barry Larkins:  Ultra SHENANIGANS, Leaf junk wax, Topps DIAMONDVISION BUNT ACTION, Leaf Limited slickness, SP Legendary Cuts of a legend, Topps Chrome beauty, Donruss junk wax, Studio awesomeness, Donruss junk wax.  Nice!
A pair of Michigan Refractors.  FACT:  there need to be more Blue Refractors, and more of them need to be Michigan players.  ALSO FACT:  Blue > orange.
Joel Zumaya jersey commemorating the Tigers making the playoffs.  Oh yeah, they did do that in '06, and Leyland's driven the team into the ground ever since....  Anyway, get healthy, Zoom-Zoom!
Nate Robertson Beam Team auto:  the Gum Tim guy is no longer with Detroit, but this is a sweet card of the guy.  What's funny is, an insert with an awesome design like this slums it with guys like Nate and another one I pulled, Joey Gaithright.  WTF?
Jon Runyan 1996 Classic Visions Signings auto:  my first sig of the Michigan OL great and Representative (Republican, but we'll forgive him) for NJ.  Remember when autographs were on-card?  Jeez, I was 13 when this card was made...
So get your New York teams stuff (nobody likes those but people in the state, right?) such as Yankees, Mets, Giants and Jets, wrap it up and send it over to Mike as I can guarantee you'll get a great package in return.  Thanks again, dude!

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  1. Nice Edwards Blue Ref. I love Blue Refs. That Classics Runyan Auto is tight too. Classics cards are solid. Runyan was a beast!!!