Sunday, September 3, 2023

2023 eBay purchases: three Tigers and a Wolverine

I haven't felt like blogging much lately but I still have a lot to show off, so I decided I'd compromise and kind of half-ass it. Here's a quartet of cards I bought in May, July, and August:

First up is my second autograph of rising Tigers star Riley Greene. I previously received a nice minors auto of Greene from everyone's favorite Dollar Store customer, but I decided I wanted one of him in a Tigers uni, ideally before he really blew up. Mission completed with this 2020 Bowman's Best auto that mimics the design of the Franchise Favorites insert 20 years prior. The signature is on-card, the card itself is numbered /200, and it's got that trademark Refractor shine, so I was really happy with this purchase, which set me back a reasonable $35 delivered way back in May. Riley's since gone on a tear but may be out for the remainder of the year after hurting his elbow on an amazing diving catch.
Next, I got a bit antsy about picking up a nice Detroit uni signature of a potential future star, Colt Keith. Keith was Detroit's final pick (round 5) of the drastically reduced 2020 draft that featured Spencer Torkelson joining the team at #1 overall. A HS 3B, he's since torn it up in the minors, and it would be fantastic to see him join the small group of homegrown bats the team has recently developed and hasn't yet traded for peanuts (cough cough Isaac Paredes cough).

I'm not generally the prospecting type but considering some of the hype he's been getting this season, I decided not to wait until a potential 2024 promotion to land his signature. That came in the form of the '21 Topps Pro Debut auto you see above. Back in July that cost me a bit more than $31 shipped and the seller was nice enough to include a Bowman Draft base with it.
Here are the backs for those interested.
A few days later a bunch of auctions being run by one seller (who offered a nice combined shipping rate) were ending, and I snagged an excellent group of cards targeted for trades, one of which hasn't been sent off just yet (soon!). My lone keeper was this 2011 GQ Mini Framed Cyan plate of one of my favorite former Tigers, Austin Jackson. As always, GQ is not a product I remotely care about but framed cards generally get my approval, and that this is a plate (my first of the OF) is a big plus. I believe each auction I won finished at the starting bid of $4.50 or $5, and the total shipping was about the same, so in the end I really only paid around $6 for this, a definite steal!
My most recent win came in mid-August when I spied this 2016 Bowman Chrome Draft yellow plate of former UM pitcher Brett Adcock for about $8.50. A three-year Wolverine, he was taken by Houston in the 4th round in 2016, though it appears he was away from affiliated ball in 2020, spent 2021-22 in indy ball, and hasn't pitched this year.

Still, he's been part of my collection for a while, and Jeff's as well, which I'm aware of because I first found out about Brett's cards via an MSO post. Also, Jeff covered his recent birthday, August 28th. This is my 12th card of his and first "hit" of any kind. Aside from five minors issues in 2016-19, he's got 26 2016 Bowman/Chrome Draft cards to chase, and those that I'm lacking are numbered /150, /25 (x2), /5 (x2), and /1 (x9). That means I'm about one card away from having a hard time getting anything new of his.

Now that I can put these away I think I'll get back to some trade recaps before reporting on this past Friday's show.


  1. That Greene BB auto is a nice card, hope he's worth the investment.

    1. Thanks, and if it doesn't work out I can always toss it to another Tigers collector, but if he can at least stick around as a player I love to watch, like Granderson and Austin Jackson, then it'll have been worth it.

  2. I've probably said it a few times before, but despite not being that interested in printing plates, I do really like the look of those little GQ's. I think that it's the frame that does it for me, it just gives them a really unique look.

    1. Yeah, I still say the regular design is ugly as hell but framed cards just tend to look nice no matter what.