Monday, August 21, 2023

TCDb roundup: 15 trades and a purchase

Here's something I've been wanting to get to for a while! I crossed the 100-transaction threshold on TCDb earlier this year and now I'll be showing off some of those deals that led to that very milestone. It looks like I've completed (or at least received my end of) 24 trades and one purchase going back to February of this year. I covered some of those with my summary of cards I received from Dan (vrooomed) (who, by the way, just sent me another PWE), and I have more from some of my closest buds on the site, but tonight I'm recapping 16 transactions that have been sitting on my desk for way too long.

There's LOTS of cards and 16 deals is a lot to cover so I'll likely be fairly sparse in my wording this evening. Instead, enjoy the fruits of my trading labor in image form:

Arkansas Traveler

One of my most recent deals, I landed a few other cards here heading for trade packages. Granderson, Jackson, and Morris are all numbered. Larkin is a Black Foil parallel. And the Sosas go toward set builds for '95 Finest and what I believe would be a third set of Series 2 Bronze cards from '96.
The top three here are all numbered and LeSueur is an uncirculated Refractor. Breaston reaches 35 hits with a sweet auto. And I added my first Gallon letterman card.

A few fun PC adds and more from the '07 Ultra Iron Man set! Looks like I'm at 20/50 on those.

This was a big one, something like 38 cards for 33, and I got some real gems including some of my first '23 Donruss cards. Love that Career Stat Line of Kaline (399 HR) and the Griffeys look outstanding.
Tram's '23 Donruss looks excellent too, and I may have to see what else to throw on my wantlist from the product. Fryman's '95 Topps-looking card is actually a pre-production issue. Bagwell was more help towards an extra '96 Finest II Bronze set. And the Post Ripken looks like this on the flipside:
Pretty sure dude's about to be tagged out!
Some nice horizontals. I don't get to add many new Henson cards these days.
And some cool football items to finish this one out, with a hint of vintage thrown in along with some college uni shots.

I knocked off five of my '94 Finest wants here and added a trio of other cards from the era, two of which were also Finest! 12 cards stand between me and a complete set of the second year of Finest.

This member wanted an auto I grabbed at a recent-ish show for like $2 and offered me some 90s gold in return. Recognize this?
Topps Screen Plays!

Each item is actually listed separately on TCDb so I decided to show them off here. The tin counts as one, the disc (with writeup and display instructions) is another, and the last piece is the card itself, which had a protective wrap on it that I peeled off. (Also you can see that the tin had some staining from the foam-type substance and I tried to clean it off with mixed results. Not the end of the world as the card itself is fine.)

Speaking of the card, here's what it looks like in motion.
The other part of the trade was the first of the five-card '97 Collector's Choice Ken Griffey Jr. Clearly Dominant set. These items combined were an offer I couldn't refuse.

In return for a few 2008 Topps Brett Favre inserts (what else would a Pack fan want?) I got this quintet. Cronenworth is an All-Star Game stamped version, Graham's #d /2010, Terrell is a RC, and Woodson is from a Super Bowl XLV team set.

In a two-for-two swap I scored a pair of Ripkens from 1996 Topps Laser and '98 Leaf. The latter is a State Representatives insert and is numbered /5000.
They just don't make 'em like they used to, to the detriment of the hobby, but at least I can still chase the ones I don't have.

This one just arrived literally today. Another Packers fan who needed some Favres, he sent me a couple police-issue Woodsons and a variety of RC/rookie-year Wolverines. Hooray for my first Ronnie Bell, from the always enjoyable Score (2023 version)!

Ian decided to sell some cards to raise some relief funs for Ukraine, which he actually delivered himself. Since it was a good cause and he had some interesting stuff, I threw down $100 for the above and a LOT more stuff that went to several collecting buddies, 144 cards in all. My keepers are above, and I've been excited to show off the Gibby and Hammerin' Hank cards for a while. They were among the biggest ticket items in the deal but there was plenty of fun stuff for myself and others. Welcome to the Tigers hit collection, Hank!

A trio of new Gwynns? Always nice. Some football adds including a Michigan uni item? That's a plus. And I'm feeling like a big 90s winner thanks to the '94 Pinnacle Trophy Collection of AC. Beautiful! That I got these for some unwanted Ginter, GQ, and flagship cards (blech) was the cherry on top.

Edgar's another name checked off on my '95 Finest list (down to 36 cards). I'm almost at 100 Cronenworths thanks to these. The oddball Grieve ("Grive"?) disc is cool but

A trio of cards was enough to land me three vintage football pieces plus three more Reds cards made by Kirk's favorite nemesis KAAAAAAAHN'S!
I scanned these backs for some reason but it was so long ago I couldn't tell you why. Maybe it was the comics at the bottom.

It took some back and forth to get that sweet '96 Biakabutuka insert included in this deal but the haggling was 100% worth it. Check out its kick-acetate-ness:
90s inserts rule! (I had to clear out a couple other tags today to make that fit since it belongs.)
And even more Wolverines. What a great lot of 15 cards.

I shipped out some unwanted Yankees and in return I got a pair of my favorite HOF SS and a legendary manager! The '94 Score Ripken cards are from a Burger King promotion, the Skybox Cal is from another of his own inserts, and the Pacific card is a portrait variation. And a couple Larkins get me a bit closer to 1000 (just a bit over 50 to go!).

In return for a dupe of a Biakabutuka auto I got an insert of Touchdown Timmy along with an auto of Devin Funchess and a fellow round 2-selected Big Ten WR Devin, Smith of OSU and the Jets. The latter is my sixth auto and 22nd overall hit of the former UM TE/WR, and it's numbered to just 25 copies too!

Hold up a minute--an all Yankees trade that I was happy with? In this extremely rare case, yes. Rivera was yet another need for an extra '96 Finest II Bronze set (down to just two cards left). And I will never, ever, ever have too many Grandersons! For crying out loud, I only have 263 right now! By the way, the horizontal card up top and the final one in the scan are both from team sets, not flagship Topps.

Well, that was a lot to accumulate, scan, and write up! I'll be spending some time putting everything away while continuing to chip away at the backlog on my desk. More coming soon! In the meantime, thank you to all these great TCDb members for some great trades.


  1. very nice haul, and congrats on the 100-trade milestone!

  2. You got some great stuff. And now I remember...TOO MANY GRANDERSONS!

  3. You are on a trading craze! Mine has really slowed down. Hence why I don’t have anything to post about


    1. It helps to have cards coming in from multiple sources, in my case TCDb and blogger buddies

  4. This almost too much to take in for one post. I've gone through it multiple times, and I still can't remember what was in the first couple of envelopes by the time I get down here. I guess in the end it doesn't really matter though, as nothing was gonna top Mrs. Fangburger :)

    1. Yeah, she's a nightmare and a half! To be fair, it's a lot to look through because I dragged my feet getting it all posted for way too long, and I still have lots more to get to!