Wednesday, May 11, 2022

5/6/2022 show report: spring fling

This past Friday I was able to get back to my usual monthly show after skipping April's, and I'd go so far as to call it a triumphant return! Of the three shows I've attended this year I spent the most so far ($58 vs. $45 at the other two) and came home with some great stuff both for my collections and trade bait.

First I hit my usual seller's quarter, $2, and $5 boxes, with those being discounted at 5/$1, 3/$5, and 5/$20, respectively. I know I grabbed five of the $5 items but can't quite recall the rest of the breakdown. Either way, I was very happy with what I ended up with.

Here's a quick look at the goods for this month:

Trade bait! Kasa is #d /150 on the back. A Jake Jortles auto for under $2 seemed worthy of trade baitness. Hardesty is #10/25. And Shuler is "#28/366 AP". Feel free to claim one or more cards and we can try to work out a deal!
And my stuff, part 1: baseball and basketball. One Granderson is never too many, and this is the Metal Snowflake version of one of his Topps Holiday issues. Simmons' '73 Topps base set me back a reasonable $3 at my favorite vintage dealer, the only card I didn't buy from my usual seller. I thought the die-cut of Juwan looked cool for a quarter. Two more THJ autos give me three signatures and 10 overall hits of the former Wolverine, and one of those is numbered /149. Those were in the $5 box but set me back a bit less with the bulk discount. The LeVert jersey was in the $2 box and is just my third hit (and first relic) of another recent-ish Wolverine cager.
My stuff, part 2: football part 1: base and inserts. This almost entirely defensive scan includes Frank Clark, Rashan Gary, UM-to-Minnesota transfer Benjamin St-Juste, Josh Uche, and Chase Winovich, plus WR Nico Collins. St-Juste has just two non-auto/relic/Minnesota uni RCs I'm chasing and 2021 Rookies & Stars was one of those. Uche's Phoenix base is also a RC, and he joins Clark from that 2020 product. I believe I've corrected IDed Winovich's 2021 Mosaic parallel as Prizm Green.
And lastly, football part 2: the hits, all of which came out of the $2 box. The 2021 Rookies & Stars jersey of talented WR Nico Collins is apparently my first hit of his out of nine cards, and he represents the 230th different subject of my football hits PC. I would have thought I had the 2001 Absolute Memorabilia jersey of Griese (#d /300) but I didn't, so that's hit #26 for him. Same with the Henne UD jersey, which, granted, is a Gold parallel numbered /350, but despite his prominence in my collection (still #1 with 142 and counting!) it was new to me. And lastly I came up with one more Michigan uni card, a Blue Foil version of DB Channing Stribling's 2017 Contenders Draft auto, marking the third such card in his PC.

Besides all the fun stuff you can see that I added to my own collection here, a few trade bait cards got sent out already, and more will be going out in the mail soon for a lucky few trade partners of mine!

Besides working on those I'll be trying to get together a recap of my latest trade package, then returning to the piles of TCDB trades that are still filling up my desk. And enjoying this beautiful not-quite-summer weather!


  1. Haha! Will comment here to. Finally got the ohone to work

    I would be interested in Shuler and yankees dual relic

  2. Great stuff! That Yankees dual relic is awesome!

    1. Thanks, Fuji! I got it in case John Hollod needed it and he didn't but then Matt did so it worked out.

  3. Those Winning Edge inserts are one of my favorite dime box sets. I have a couple copies of multiple guys, including that Howard, but could never resist buying more when I came across them.

    1. Great choice--they look awesome! I'm sure I'd grab more myself if I saw them.