Saturday, May 14, 2016

202 many Verlanders!

Thanks to having a bit of extra free time on this rainy Saturday I was finally able to finish getting another player collection completely scanned, labelled, and uploaded.  Having previously completed this project for Kirk Gibson, Curtis Granderson, Alan Trammell, and Lou Whitaker, my next target was blog namesake Justin Verlander.
In addition to what I'd previously uploaded to JV's Picasa album, I had a bunch more cards scanned and cropped on my hard drive for quite a while--since some point last year, I believe--waiting to be labelled and added to that album.  This afternoon I finally got around to that, adding more than 100 cards I'd acquired as parts of complete sets or singles via purchases and (mainly) trades.  The best part about finishing up besides having this work out of the way?  I discovered I own more than 200 Verlanders; in fact, the count now stands at 202!  Naturally that made for a great title for this post.
I'm not really going to show off anything I added today in this post since pretty much everything I added has appeared in previous posts in some form, but I will happily direct you to Verlander's album to have a gander at all 202 cards to-date.  And hopefully soon I'll have even more to show off.  Whenever I do, I'll be adding them to the album right away instead of adding lots of work for myself later.  That way you'll have an idea of what I already own, not that I mind doubles, but if you know another Tigers/Verlander collector at least you'll know if I have something you were going to send to me that can go elsewhere.  Regardless, please do keep sending them my way as I love collecting Verlander, if you couldn't already tell!
Next up is the crazy quartet of Griffey/Gwynn/Maddux/Ripken.  I've managed to scan quite a few of each but I'm still not done getting everything of them from my complete sets, then I have a buttload of singles for each that'll take quite a while longer.  I hope to make some headway on those this spring and summer, though, so maybe I'll have those posts up before you know it!


  1. I need to pay attention to your PCs. And Verlander needs to stop paying attention to my woman!

    1. Please do, I can always use more! And you'd better make your move, buddy, you're running out of time!