Thursday, May 12, 2016

2016 trade package #12: USPS can go to Hoyle

My final envelope from April arrived from one of the more prolific non-blogging traders out there:  Mark Hoyle.  If you've ever been lucky enough to get cards from Mark you know that he's a generous source of vintage and oddballs, among other things.  I got a good idea of that the last time I showed off cards from him on this here blog back in January of last year.

Mr. Hoyle followed that up last month with a fun PWE that mostly featured Tigers.  But first, let's have a look at another example of USPS's reliable, gentle treatment of the things we pay them to transport for us:
All I have to say to that is
That being said, Mark packaged the cards up well enough that everything arrived in what was probably the same condition they were in when he sent them.

Here's what was inside:
A nine-spot of Tigers!  The first seven cards represent guys I keep sorted by player in my Detroit box, and they comprise a very nice group of past Tigers, including '84 Series winners (Sparky, Gibby, and Morris), the previous team leader in saves (Henneman), a slugger that was one of the brighter spots in the 90s (Palmer), a future HOFer that brought Detroit back to respectability (Pudge), and a pitcher that won 240 career games (Tanana).  I seem to have an irrational affinity for Palmer cards given that he wasn't with Detroit for long.
More Tigers!  Specifically PC guys.  Don't ask me why I didn't throw Gibby in with this group, I just forgot or something.  The '87 Fleer and '91 Leaf Trammells were new to me as was JV's 2016 Heritage base card.
Oddball Tigers!  Moseby's card is from 1990 Topps Big, and that's nicely juxtaposed with a 1962 Topps stamp of outfielder Bill Bruton, a Milwaukee Brave that spent the last four years of his career with Detroit in the early 60s.  Besides the difference in size these two items show the crazy range of stuff Mark digs up to send out.
Last up from the baseball side of things is this Harry Heilman photo from an old magazine called the Sports Hobbyist.  I know that thanks to Mark introducing these to me when he sent a Charlie Gehringer from the same set last time and then explained a bit about them in the comments of that post.  A great photo of a Tigers great!
And finally, moving on to the Detroit hockey club, here's a 1974-75 Topps leaders card featuring former Wings player and current TV guy Mickey Redmond.  Mick had some nice years in Detroit over the latter half of his career in the 70s, putting up 50-plus goals two years in a row, including the '73-'74 season this card covers.  An excellent 21 of his 51 scores that season came on the power play, easily leading both divisions; #2 was Rod Gilbert of the Rangers with 16.  I don't have a whole ton of Red Wings vintage, so this is definitely a fun add for me!

Mark, thanks for the unexpected and much appreciated PWE of goodness!  I might just have some interesting stuff of your guys to send out before long as a thank you.


  1. So much cardboard goodness that the envelope just couldn't contain it any longer and burst!

    1. Despite USPS's reputation for failure, I'll happily put on my rose-colored glasses and go with your explanation!