Friday, May 20, 2016

2015 Tigers stadium giveaway team set

One of my favorite co-workers, a lady I've worked with for more than 10 years (and a fellow Tigers fan) is married to a guy that does some work at Comerica Park.  He brings home all kinds of goodies, as you might imagine, and the lady's not interested in a lot of it so some of that swag ends up in my hands.  I haven't really shown any of that off, but today I'm going to because I have the perfect thing to post:  a complete set of last year's team cards!

This set was sponsored by Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan and appears to have been given out to kids under 14 last April 19, a Sunday win over the White Sox.  The 30 unnumbered cards include 27 players, manager Brad Ausmus, mascot Paws, and a header card.  I had fun flipping through these to see who made the cut and who was still around one season later.

The design is pretty good for a giveaway set.  Fronts include nice action photos with a brick wall-type border on the bottom and a triangular grandstand beam look on the left.  Meanwhile, the backs have the players' numbers in the upper-left in a large, white font, their name and position next to that, and then a smaller portrait photo in the upper-right.  You get one year of stats (2014's) as well as career numbers, and then the bottom is dominated by baseball-related health tips and pencil sketches.

Here's all 30 cards for your viewing pleasure:

I didn't feel like scanning all the backs, but here's JV's:

Verlander, by the way, recently became just the second Tigers pitcher to reach the 2,000 strikeout mark (Denny McLain is the other).  This is my 203rd card of the guy we'll soon be calling "the other Justin Upton."

While I'm trying to be at least sort of a completist, here's a look at the back of the header card:

Get some exercise, you little punks!  But not on my lawn!  Get off Facespace and pull up those pants!


  1. Well that worked out well - nice set! I can't imagine guys like Albuerquerque and Gorzelanny and such have too many other Tigers cards.

    1. Sure did! Al-Al has a few cards with Detroit, mostly from Topps a couple years ago, I think, and Gorzelanny definitely doesn't have many.