Sunday, March 13, 2016

2016 trade package #6: TY, TY very much!

My final February trade package comes from friend of the blog(s) and frequent trade partner Matt of Bob Walk the Plank.  Just a day after raving about the generosity of another of my favorite traders in this trade post from Doug, I'll be doing the same for my favorite West Virginian, who took up the theme of "good things come in small packages" with gusto.

Matt emailed me about a month ago and let me know that he'd picked up something significant for me, good enough to call it a "one card bomb," but said it would have to be a surprise.  Not only did he more than deliver on that promise, he also doubled the fun with another card that was almost as amazing:

Al Kaline 2016 Topps Scouting Report Autographs auto
That's right, this sweet signature of Mr. Tiger is almost as good as what I'll show off in a minute.  But this one deserves heaps of praise itself.  Not only is this the fourth Kaline signature in my collection, but Matt's the one that sent me the previous three!  Two arrived last September in this embarrassment of riches, then another joined those just in time for Christmas.  Given that Kaline is one of the greatest Tigers ever, not to mention a clear HOFer, I'm stunned that I now have four of his certified autos, all through Matt's generosity.  And as much as I rag on Topps, I like what they have going on here, including a great vintage photo, the old Tigers logo, and Al's beautiful penmanship.

So what could be better than something that great?  Try this on for size:
Ty Cobb 2015 Topps Tier One Legends Relics bat (#91/99)
Ty.  Muthaf$#kin'.  Cobb.  Dude may have been a crazy racist jackass, but as a player he was truly elite, and a member of the original Hall of Fame class.  This right here is a literal piece of history that I never would have expected, even from someone as awesome as Matt.  Great photo of the Georgia Peach and his interesting grip, nice chip off the bat of one of the best hitters ever, and an amazing first for my collection.

Thanks a ton for this two-card bomb, Matt!  I should be sending a combined January/February envelope your way this week, so keep checking your mailbox for goodies from me.


  1. I was pumped when I got the Cobb. A few Tom Brady cards got away at the last second, so I was happy to secure something else high end. Lots of interesting articles lately saying that Cobb's perceived assholeness was overblown.

    1. Very interesting about Cobb, but then again maybe if he was around for Twitter he'd be as much of an asshole as Curt Schilling (which is saying something!). I was floored to get that bat, though (and the Kaline too!) so thanks again, my friend!

  2. Wow!.. great stuff from Matt, as always.

    1. Thanks for looking, Gavin, and you're 100% correct about Matt!