Saturday, September 12, 2015

2015 trade package #25: more like Bob "WOW" the Plank!

Both of our teams won today, including his West Virginia Mountaineers, so why not show off another trade package from Matt of Bob Walk the Plank?  This was one of the smaller envelopes Matt sometimes sends my way, and surprisingly it didn't include any Michigan stuff, but it's pennant race time (from which my Tigers will be conspicuously absent this year) so it fits right in.  And don't think there was any kind of shortage of goodies either--as the man himself said, "Not much in the way of quantity, but I don't think you will mind!"  Read on to see if you and I agree!
Prince Fielder 2014 Donruss Jersey Kings Studio Series patch (#05/15)
Fielder is an excellent subject for relic cards since his muumuu-like jerseys must be extremely cost-effective for manufacturers.  He's pictured here as a member of the Rangers (still love that trade!) but that patch--and I do mean patch, and a nice one!--is definitely from a Tigers jersey.  Add in the very low numbering and the fun Donruss design and you've got a great card.
Max Scherzer 2014 Immaculate Collection Immaculate Swatches Prime patch (#02/49)
Here's another former Tiger, albeit one that didn't leave the organization after acting like a jackass, on another 2014 Panini-branded patch card.  I'm not sure how visible it is for everyone, but there's some nice stitching going on in that lower-left corner near the orange portion.  That's a great pitching action photo of one of the better guys at the position right now, so this is another great addition to my collection.

Pretty good so far, right?  Actually, already better than good, but wait until you see what else I got:
Al Kaline 2001 Donruss Classics Significant Signatures auto
Al Kaline 2001 Donruss Signature Award Winning Signatures Masters Series auto
Wow, nothing against the first pair of cards, but there's your quality!  Not one, but two autographs of Mr. Tiger, Al Kaline, from a pair of 2001 Donruss Products.  It's fun to see Al looking so young again on these signature cards.  The first is from Classics and is kind of a signature parallel of his base card in the set, plus the autograph is on-card, a nice bonus.  The other comes from Donruss Signature and it honors Kaline's 10th and final Gold Glove.  I'm sure plenty of Tigers fans remember Kaline tutoring future star Kirk Gibson at his RF position, and this was why.  As usual I love the look of the stickers Donruss used to use.

These are the first Kaline autographs in my Tigers collection and I couldn't be happier with them!

Thanks for an amazing, quality package, Matt!  I don't know if I can match up to these on my next package that heads your way, but I'll sure try.  Wow!


  1. Wow! Great trade package. Matt comes thru again.

  2. I won several of the Classics cards from the same seller. Such a great set!. I pulled that Fielder myself. Wasn't sure if I should send it to a Rangers or Tigers fan.

    1. Well good deal and thanks for thinking of me, and nice pull!

  3. awesome cards! I have one Kaline auto locked away in the PC

    1. Thanks! Makes sense to pick him as a Tiger HOFer to keep one of when they're not your favorite team. If I had to pick a Philly I'd love Schmidt or Carlton.