Saturday, August 29, 2015

2015 trade package #23: Cool original Maddux card from GSNHoF

Another month, another Great Sports Name Hall of Fame trade package from Tim, one that almost blew up my mailbox because it was bursting at the seams with greatness!  I only have one card to show off to you over here, but please stop by Too Many Manninghams tonight to see why I continue to laud SpastikMooss as one of the hardest-working and most generous traders out there.  Here's what I have to feature for you baseball fans this evening:
Greg Maddux 2003 Sweet Spot Patches manupatch
It's about time I did more to beef up my Maddux PC (which still requires a ton of scanning, of course), so I asked Tim if he would grab this for me with the copious amounts of credit he piles up as an effective COMC flipper, and then send it to me in a future deal.  Trust me when I say that I owe him plenty to justify all the great stuff he's sent me, including this excellent Maddux manupatch from 2003 Sweet Spot.  

It's actually my second from that specific set (Zito) and one of quite a few patches of this type that I've accumulated.  They make fun PC additions, especially for collectors like me that don't acquire things just to try to re-sell them, and that allows me to throw the "value" complaints out the window.  They look nice and I get them knowing full well that they aren't "real" relics, whatever those even are nowadays.

Anyway, Maddux is a guy I still love to collect after having been a kid for a good part of the 90s, a.k.a. his heyday, so stuff like this is always on my radar.

Thanks again, Tim, and hopefully I won't have to make you wait too much longer for an appropriate response of a package!

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