Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2015 COMC purchase: Sweet SweetLou's Baadasssss Post

Although Barry Larkin's post featured the most cards, I figured I'd end this series with a bang by posting the 34 new Lou Whitaker cards I nabbed for his PC.  That's nearly four full pages and I managed to fill in a lot of gaps in Lou's run over his entire career, not just from the 80s or 90s alone.  (NOTE:  there's actually 35 cards in the scans below, but I added one via trade before posting these, so I'll note that below.)  Here they are!:
(NOTE:  card #4 in this scan is Whitaker's 1995 Upper Deck base, and that was already sent to me by GCRL in this trade.)

Lots of variety here, from 1984 all the way through 1996, plus a 2014 Leaf buyback numbered 4/5 (which I nabbed for an insane $3.29!).  Mixed in are some Glossy and Tiffany parallels, lots of different brands, and an extremely cool "turn two" photo on his 1996 Upper Deck issue (second-to-last card in the last scan).

Those of you who remember that I'm supercollecting (LOUpercollecting?) Whitaker might be curious how much these additions help with my progress on that project.  Wonder no more, friends:  I now own 174 of his 292, good for almost 60%, and that's before accounting for another little bunch on the way out of my next COMC package!

That's all for this time, but watch for more COMC additions soon (when I get around to scanning 200+ cards), and make sure to check out today's TMM post, one that ends its own COMC series with a bang!


  1. 60% !!!! Not too shabby. He doesn't get a ton of new release love so you could probably get close to the finish line on that one.

    1. I even have more to show off since this post, but it's just gonna get tougher from here on out, and he is a "risk" for getting added to the occasional new release!