Tuesday, September 8, 2015

2015 trade package #24: Canadian bakin'

Blog favorite trading partner Doug of Sports Cards From the Dollar Store and resident of the great white 3 1/2 hours northeast of me sent me another fantastic two-part trade package a couple weeks ago, and now I'm finally getting around to showing off the goods:
First up:  a trio of terrific Topps Tigers from twenty fifteen.  Temporary Tigers ace David Price, who'll hopefully lead the resurgent Jays (one of Doug's teams!) over the tiresome Yankees, is first up with a nice base from this year's Heritage that mimics the '66 set.  Minor league signing diamond in the rough J.D. Martinez and Alfredo "We traded Eugenio Suarez for him?!" Simon, meanwhile, represent the about-freakin'-time (plus a year) return of Stadium Club.
Nick Castellanos 2014 Bowman Inception Rookie Autographs Blue auto (#65/75)
And then there's the real highlight of this side of the package:  an Inception auto of young 3B Nick Castellanos, a guy who's slowly improved a number of his stats from 2014.  Nick has a fun signature with lots of loopage going on, and I like that he took advantage of the large signing area on this super on-card auto.  It's now my fourth of Castellanos (you can see all of them here), and I believe all of them have come from Doug or from Matt at Bob Walk the Plank.  No surprise--that's a pair of extremely generous traders there.

Thanks a ton for the great stuff, Doug.  I've got a few things for you in-hand with more on the way, and it probably won't be much longer before I'm hitting you back, eh?

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