Sunday, August 9, 2015

2015 COMC purchase: LOL (lots of Larkins)

Quick mail note:  Three Jeffs and a Tony will be receiving cards from me this week!

Today's COMC post features the player for whom I picked up the most new cards this time, though it was close (as you'll see in a future post).  I present to you, for your Sunday viewing pleasure, lots of Larkins!:

Since that first card is double-sided and includes Cal Ripken Jr., (which you'll see again in an upcoming post) here's the whole thing:

Four pages exactly equals 36 brand spanking new Barry Larkins, and that sets his new total at 313.  Woohoo!  I passed the 300-card mark finally!  Maybe I can even sneak up on Chris at Nachos Grande since he's been doing the A&G thing instead of posting Larkins.  Ok, I'm probably dreaming, but that's not gonna stop me from nabbing fun stuff of the HOF former Wolverines shortstop.

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