Sunday, May 10, 2015

Completed set: 2015 UD football

A couple weeks ago I showed off the results of four 2015 UD football value packs, and now I'm back to report that for about the price of a couple more of those I've completed the 145-card base set, including the veterans (1-45) and non-SPed Star Rookies (46-145).  I found the 12 rookies I needed from one Sportlots seller and grabbed a veterans set on eBay to close this one out.  While the rookies I picked up include a few interesting names, such as controversial LSU OL La'el Collins, I didn't consider them worth showing off.  However, the vets are a nice multiple of nine which means they were screaming to be posted.  Here they are:

I like that Upper Deck mixed things up a bit this year with the player selection (despite the lack of Wolverine subjects), and my only real complaint is the inclusion of Saban.  Of course I also laughed at guys like Tim Couch and Joey Harrington because of how they turned out in the NFL, but as a college-themed set they certainly belong.

And that's another excellent UD football set in the books.  Happy Mother's Day, everyone!


  1. I'm excited that they put Slaton in the set. Since he flamed out so quick I didn't think he would get another card.

    1. Nah, he definitely deserves entry into a college greats set. I looked again this morning and saw that he scored 55 combined TDs in just three seasons!