Thursday, May 7, 2015

5/2/15 card show report: baseball bounty

Ok, it's far too nice out for me to stay inside blogging, but I've been neglecting the blogs and have lots of great cards to post, so I'll make this quick.

Last Saturday I hit up the monthly show in Taylor for the usual:  cards for me and trade bait for others.  I did fairly well on both counts, this time with most of my cash going towards the latter.  I did have some fun finding stuff for me in dime/quarter/$0.50 boxes, though, all of which are useful for my various PCs:
Ken Griffey Jr. 1995 Ultra Hitting Machines
Mid-to-late 90s Ultra sets were chock full of inserts, especially the '95 and '96 versions, and that made for some hit and miss pulls.  I've always liked the Hitting Machines cards, though, which had some interesting designs over the years.
Ken Griffey Jr. 1998 Topps Stars (#5945/9799)
Topps Stars went through a bunch of different designs in the late 90s/early aughts, and some of you may remember that the entire run in the '98 set was serial-numbered, base and all.  I thought that would make this a fun pickup, plus it's another great shot of Griffey post-swing.
Barry Larkin 1991 Collect-A-Books
Oddball!  I believe this was the second year this interesting product existed.  The little booklet is eight total pages including the front and back, and it includes various photos of Larkin, personal info, a mini bio, career stats, a bit of trivia, and some highlights.  Kind of a cool piece, really.
Barry Larkin 1998 Sports Illustrated Then and Now
Then and Now was another Fleer/SI collaboration back in 1998, and it includes cool full-bleed photos on the fronts with interesting backs in which past players rate the subject on different skills.  In Barry's case, on a scale of 1-5, Harmon Killebrew gave him a 3 Power Rating, Lou Brock gave him a 4 for Speed, and none other than Brooks Robinson gave him a perfect 5 in Fielding!

By the way, I now have 275 Larkin cards (and counting)!
Greg Maddux 1995 Ultra Award Winners Gold Medallion (#18)
Just one of Mad Dog this time, but it's a cool one.  Hailing from the same product as the Griffey above, this is one of two Maddux Award Winners cards (the other is for NL Pitcher of the Year), plus it's the tougher Gold Medallion version, which was ten times tougher to pull.
Lou Whitaker 1988 Starting Lineup All-Stars
And finally, we go back to the realm of the oddball with this Whitaker from a 1988 Starting Lineup set.  These were from a game put out that year, and I'm glad the fronts look kind of cool (even sans logo) because the backs are extremely plain!

A few of you will also be getting cards from this show in trade packages eventually.  Also, please don't forget to take a gander at the rest of my haul over on TMM this evening!


  1. Ultra always had badass inserts. The Hitting Machines are great.

    1. Yeah! And I remember the mid-90s when not only did they have some fun inserts, they also had the Gold Medallion versions.