Thursday, June 12, 2014

Giveaway/contest update

Here's a quick update on the proceedings for those of you interested:

Remaining lots available (contest entries per lot):
  • NFL:
    • Arizona Cardinals (3)
    • Atlanta Falcons (2)
    • Baltimore Ravens (2)
    • Carolina Panthers (1)
    • Chicago Bears (1)
    • "Wisconsin/Minnesota":  Green Bay Packers/Minnesota Vikings (1)
    • "State of Pennsylvania":  Philadelphia Eagles/Pittsburgh Steelers (1)
    • "All College Unis":  what the title says (2)
  • NBA
    • 2000-2001 Topps complete set (minus rookies) (2)
I'm thrilled by the fact that this is all that's left!  As a matter of fact, if I can get that Cardinals lot gone by this weekend, I'll go ahead and bump up the cutoff date to this Sunday so I can run the prize randomization a week early and then get down to packaging and shipping.  If you see anything in this list you'd like, please make sure to comment on the original post per my rules.

So claim or get someone else to claim the Arizona Cardinals and we'll finally unlock the Tulowitzki autograph as the grand prize!

Speaking of the contest portion, we just hit our 100th total entry today, with 23 total entrants to-date.  It's not to late to augment your entries by pimping the contest if you haven't already, plus, of course, you could help your chances by grabbing one or more of the above lots.  "Girthy" Greg Z. is our overall leader in chances with 12 right now, by the way.  Good luck, everybody!

Edit:  in one fell swoop, Chris of the Raz Card Blog has not only taken over the lead in entries with 13 (sorry, Zakwin) but also picked up the last of the 10 lots I made prerequisites for making the Tulo auto available.  Thanks again to those of you that chose those, making this contest a lot more interesting for everyone!  I'm now declaring the giveaway/contest at an end at 11:59 p.m. EST this Saturday, the 14th, with the drawing taking place Sunday and shipping following shortly thereafter.

Pic unrelated, but awesome (from CBSSports)


  1. So I guess I'll go ahead and bump up the contest pimp by a day haha.

    1. Never too late! (Unless you waited til tomorrow, I guess...)

  2. Thanks again. I will send you my address