Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday trade package #3: Screaming Line Drive

Today's trade package came from daddyohoho (a.k.a. Sean) of Screaming Line Drive.  This Philly-centric blogger (who's actually a native of D.C.) claimed a couple of that city's teams in my fall cleaning lot giveaway, then sent me some even nicer stuff in return. (which appears to be a theme of these posts lately!)  He did that after having sent me a ridiculously nice Charles Woodson insert a couple weeks ago.  So what did he send me this time?:

A nine-spot of Lions:  a couple Black Friday pulls of Megatron and Sidearm McIdiot; a quartet of 2012 Topps Chrome including a Refractor of Ndamukong Stuhpid, and more importantly, a RC of the promising-but-injured WR Ryan Broyles; and a trio of Leaf R&S base, including Brandon "Butterfingers" Pettigrew.  God damn do the Lions suck again....  Great cards, though!
These were the highlights of the Tigers Sean sent, and they're excellent:  a pair of Kaline inserts with classic shots of Mr. Tiger during his playing days; a Magglio insert celebrating a home run that's well-known among Tigers fans; a new Tettleton!; Turkey Red Red and Turkey Red Black!; and a new Cecil Fielder.

That's not all he sent, though, as he was obviously embracing the giving spirit of the season:
This here is a Luke Staley 2002 SP Authentic auto RC (#d 0854/1150).  Staley was an All-American RB out of BYU whom the Lions chose in the 7th round back in 2002.  Injuries derailed a career that never got off the ground, but at least he had a nice college career.  Hooray for a new Lions hit!
AND, there's this Chris Shelton 2006 Artifacts Auto-Facts Signatures auto (#402/750).  Shelton, who's apparently the cousin of 49er QB Alex Smith, was a Rule 5 pick from the Pirates who started out the 2005 season with a bang--or rather, nine of them in his first 13 games.  He proved to be just a flash in the pan, though, despite a decent finish to that season, and he last played in the Majors with Seattle in 2009.  He's got a pretty nice autograph, though, and this is heading straight to my Tigers PC.

Thanks again, Sean, for a super nice Christmas trade package, and I promise I'll get you back with something nice in return before long--probably of the Philadelphia sports scene variety!  Everyone reading this should jump on over to Sean's relatively new blog, Screaming Line Drive, while you stay tuned for the other two trade packages I have coming up.


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    1. Well he sure lived up to that name yesterday, didn't he? Stupid Lions...