Thursday, September 13, 2012

A trade post straight out of Los Angeles of Anaheim of California

Thanks to a rapidly growing fat stack of Angels cards sitting on my floor, I was able to make another enjoyable team trade, this time with Tom of The Angels, In Order.  In return for the reclamation of prime floor real estate and a bit of shipping money, Tom sent an outstanding trade package that included some wantlist help and a bevy of Tigers, including some real fun stuff I'd never seen before.  Highlights, roughly in order of release:
 Some oddball-ish-type stuff of three of the best players on the '84 Championship team
 There's a ton to like here--the Black Gold cards are sweet, I really do need to work on picking up more Frymans, any Whitaker's I pick up are an automatic win, Nokes is one of my favorite Tigers catchers of all time, Tettleton earns this trade package 1,000,000 karma points, and HoJo is a guy I wish the Tigers could have kept after that World Series run, but I'm glad he had a solid few years with the Mets.
Hey guys, what's goin' on over here?
GAAAAH!  Oh, it's just Kenny Rogers, who was either constipated, about to sneeze, or under heavy sedation.  A cool card of Kenny otherwise.  Back to the regular stuff:
 Some newer Tigers including a sweet numbered Pudge, some nifty multi-player pieces, and FOUR MANY GRANDERSONS!
The newest of the new, including some shiny new Bowmans and Chromes, plus a sticker of Jhonny Peralta

All in all, that's a bunch of great stuff to add to my Tigers PC, which means this swap of teams appears to have worked out for both of us.  It's nice to get back in the swing of trading after quite a bit of buying this year and--
--GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!  That one will be in my nightmares tonight!


  1. That was a great post! Glad you liked the stuff, as did I yours.

    1. Sure did, that was some really cool stuff. Thanks again!