Friday, September 14, 2012

A Sports-Obsessive trade post

As both of us have now mentioned a few times, Jeff (My Sports Obsession) and I hung out before attending the Michigan-Air Force game last Saturday, and that worked out in my favor since he brought some sweet trade stuff.  Besides some awesome Wolverines, which you'll find over at TMM, he included these three Tigers from 2012 Finest after he nabbed them in a group break:
Miguel Cabrera Refractor
These look pretty nice this year as usual.  Really, I think it's rare for Topps to come out with a bad Refractor, although it can happen.  This is an excellent card for my Miggy PC.

Prince Fielder base
I can't remember for sure if this is my first card of Fielder with the Tigers, but either way, it's pretty cool.  That means I got the corners of Detroit's current infield!

Justin Verlander Game Changers:
What, no Curtis Granderson?  Oh yeah, he's with the Yankees and this is Too Many VERLANDERS.  This is a pretty cool insert of the AL's best pitcher, and I like the fact that it has the Refractor look to it in this version instead of a regular, non-Refractor issue.

That may not be a lot, but wait'll you get a load of the Wolverines haul!  Thanks for some outstanding Tigers, Jeff, and I hope you didn't get any cooties from touching Tigers cards.


  1. You got the better cards of the break. I didn't get any refractors or inserts of the Sox.

    I originally had the Tigers cards in a ziploc bag and was going to put them in my mom's heavy duty shredder since you keep kicking our ass when we play, but I decided to let you have them since we do share the love for the Wolverines. I won't tell you what part of my body I rubbed on them though, I'll leave that to your imagination.

    1. Well it figures the Tigers would have the better cards of the two teams, no? Also, no worries for me since I wear rubber gloves when I touch anything you've given me so I don't get White Sox germs all over the rest of my stuff. I know you get so excited when you get Tigers stuff that you've gotta rub it all over yourself, so do what you gotta do!

    2. I slide them through the crack of my ass, I figure we play like shit against you, the least I can do is get shit on them.

      Wow! This is getting sick quick.

      I was glad you could use them.

    3. Gross! I don't see the Sox changing their stripes anytime soon, so I guess it's more "My CrackBoard Obsession" mail days for me...