Saturday, September 15, 2012

A pennant chase trade package from Spankee

Adam from My Cardboard Mistress shot me an email recently letting me know I had a small package on the way.  Good things DO come in small packages.  Exhibit A:
 Many minis:  a pair of Scherzers, a pair of AJaxes, and an awesome Ripken
 The somewhat educational "What's in a Name" insert, this one of Miguel Cabrera.  So why not include a scan of the back?:
Dunno about you guys, but I still prefer the name he goes with because "Miggy" just sounds better
Alex Avila 2012 Allen & Ginter jersey
Here's the real prize--a card I claimed as soon as I saw he'd pulled it.  On one hand, I do feel bad for Adam because this is a pretty crappy hit for any box:  a $2 relic, albeit of a former all-star.  But it's the kind of card that just turns me off of buying boxes.  Still, buying it for cheap or getting it in a trade is an excellent alternative, and I'm happy to have another nice Avila to pair with my Gypsy Queen jersey I also nabbed this year.  Avila's got enough offensive potential that I think he'll be around in Detroit for a while longer, so I'll take whatever I can get of him!

Thanks again, Adam--this was a superlative A&G trade package!


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    1. Yeah, man, thanks again! I knew about the Avila but I wasn't sure what else to expect. I'll be honest about one thing: when I saw the "Jackson" cards I thought to myself, "Oh, Edwin Jackson. Well, that's cool, I guess." And then I finally realized they were Austins and I was excited again!