Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday fun: St. Pat's blasters

I've largely stayed away from retail stuff this year, but between St. Patrick's Day party bottle returns and other return stuff, I had house money to play with at Meijer today and I took advantage of it, buying three discounted football blasters.  You'll find two of them here, and the other over on TMM, for obvious reasons.  Here's how I did today:

2008 Absolute Memorabilia:  I really like the RPM and other hits from this set, and for $12 I figured I'd take a stab at my all-time favorite football draft class.  This one included eight packs of five cards, and here's what I pulled:

 Base, front and back (36 different)

Inserts:  Spectrum Red (Manning, Cason); Spectrum Gold (Johnson, #264/799); Spectrum Blue (Smith, #066/250) (NO ODDS LISTED)

Nothing to write home about, but I got a few keepers, and the inserts fell 1:2, which sounds about right.

2010 Elite:  I picked up one of these blasters before thanks to the lure of the guaranteed hit, and that time I pulled this sorta cool, if not terribly valuable, Wes Welker patch.  Now that today's blaster was $5 off, I gave it another shot.  This one was five packs of five with the guaranteed hit "on average."

Base, back and front
 Inserts:  Easley Rookie (#468/999); Martin/Green Passing the Torch (#511/999); Crompton Status Die-Cut (#08/92); Kindle Rookie (#366/999) (NO ODDS LISTED) 
Hit:  Frank Gore Down & Distance jersey (#269/299)

In some ways this was better than the Elite box, and it should have been.  The base look very nice, just like their baseball counterparts from that year, and the inserts are great, especially the Die-Cut Status of Crompton (the best card in the box).  The inserts, including the hit, fell one-per-pack, which was nice.  Compared to the Welker patch I pulled, the Gore is a bet of a letdown, but at least it's a nice looking card with a very nice red Niners swatch.  That's available for trade if anyone would like it.

Those were kind of fun since I hadn't busted anything in a while, though the real highlight for me was the other blaster, which, again, you can find over at TMM.  I hope everyone had a fun and safe St. Patrick's Day!

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