Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tony and Curtis, or, some like it COMC

Over on the other blog I mentioned a few hundred times that I put together yet another giant COMC package to celebrate my tax refunds.  Well, that package arrived today, and before I get to posting about all the Michigan stuff over there, I thought I'd share two cards appropriate for this blog this afternoon.

Curtis Granderson 2008 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes Light Blue jersey (#018/200):
For just a few bucks as part of a purchase from one seller, I definitely couldn't down a relic of Granderson, especially one from the outstanding 2008 UD Heroes set.  I definitely haven't lived up to this blog's original name, but I'm working on it a bit at a time:  this is now my third hit of Curtis, including two jerseys and one auto/jersey.
Obviously I'm collecting a bunch of hits from this set because of the Rich Hill project, so I'm very familiar with how the different colored parallels work, but I really like how well the light blue goes with the rest of the card on this one, even though it's in no way associated with the Detroit uniform.  I guess some colors just look good no matter what, and this serial-numbered gem has found a happy home in my Tigers PC.

Tony Gwynn 2002 Topps Archives Reserve Reprint Relics jersey:
From a former Tiger we go to a former Padre and permanent HOFer.  One of the COMC sellers from whom I picked up a few things had this Gwynn and there was never any doubt I'd be picking it up.  2002 Topps Archives Reserve is a fantastic set, from the 100% Refractor reprint base set to the sweet hits, it's a prime example of what Topps was capable of when they didn't stop giving a shit due to their license monopoly.
This is my fourth relic of Gwynn, the others being this bat, this jersey that Adam picked up for me, plus this dual jersey with Cal Ripken.  My baseball relics PC also includes another HOFer from this set in the form of a Nolan Ryan jersey, one of my favorite relics for sure since it has the same awesome good looks going for it.  In this case I really like the choice of reprinted card because I very much enjoyed collecting the 1997 Topps set, which was at the point where I really started opening boxes and packs again.  It's also a big plus for me that the swatch isn't the usual bland whiteness, but a San Diego brown.

While this particular COMC package was very Michigan-heavy (make sure to check out TMM in the coming days for a ton of great new PC cards!) I was very happy to add this pair, not to mention finally have something new to blog about over here!

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