Monday, February 6, 2012

These Juniors aren't mint, but they were free

I realize this isn't a trade post, so it won't garner that many hits, but I thought some of you might still be interested in this.  I hit up the Ann Arbor District Library today as I sometimes do, and on my way out I scoped out the cart of free books, as I'm also wont to do.  I noticed a nice stack of baseball-related books and upon closer inspection, found three which piqued my interest enough to bring them home:

In order, we have Baseball America Almanacs from 1996 and 1998 plus a 1993 Baltimore Orioles media guide.

The almanacs were part of a larger stack that included a couple other years, plus some of their minor league handbooks, none of which interested me enough, plus I thought taking three books was more than enough.  Although the cover shots of Juniors Ripken and Griffey were my prime motivation for grabbing them, from my experience with other versions they're actually quite interesting to have beyond the collecting aspect as they include such info as a recap of the previous season, stats, draft info and more.  But really, getting a shot of Cal during 2131 night and Griffey probably bashing a homer would have been sufficient alone.

The media guide was more of a lark.  It's not as wide as the other two and it's your standard media guide, really, with a look at that year's team, a recap of the previous season, stats, schedules, player profiles and more.  I'd be just as happy to hold onto it, but I'm making it available to any Orioles fan or anybody else that would like to claim it.  Just shoot me an email or leave a comment, first come, first served.  You can either have it for the exact cost of shipping (I'm thinking Media Mail, if possible, though it may fit a flat rate box) or trade me something for it, your choice.

Not bad for some freebies, eh?

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