Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A new Lions card just in time for football end

Over at TMM you'll notice that I just completed a rare trade with another Blowout member.  While five of the six cards I received were Wolverines and therefore not relevant to this blog, I did manage to snag one other card that may actually be of interest to some of you, though it happened to arrive during its sport's offseason:
This here is a Jahvid Best 2010 Absolute Memorabilia RPM jersey-ball-jersey RC (#d 22/99).  I know I've mentioned before that I really like the look of these cards (plus their relatively low prices, which makes them reasonably easy to get) and this one is no exception.  I didn't exactly NEED another card in the deal, but I wanted this one enough to work a bit harder to find stuff for the trade to get it.  It's not like I have much of a Lions PC, and I haven't decided if I'd like to pursue one, but as far as what I got back in the trade went, it seemed like a good idea and I'm happy with the result.

Best has an unfortunately uncertain future due to a history of concussions, which is a very, very serious situation for any athlete, much less the rest of us.  While I hope he's eventually able to get back on the field, my primary concern is to see him be able to live a normal, healthy life, so if retirement becomes his only option, I'll understand.  But in his limited playing time so far, he's shown some flashes of exciting playmaking ability out of the backfield, and I can speak for all Lions fans when I say that having all our RBs healthy to start next season is at the top of our wishlist.

I hope some of you pigskin fanatics found this card interesting.  If I don't decide to pursue some sort of Lions PC, I'm sure I'll eventually put it up for trade, so if you just have to have it, shoot me a comment/email and we'll work something out!

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