Sunday, February 5, 2012

A superb Super Bowl trade post featuring My Cardboard Mistress

I have to quickly get through writing up two posts today because it won't be long until kickoff for the Giants-Pats Super Bowl!

Today's post features the baseball half of a ridiculous trade package Adam of My Cardboard Mistress sent me last week, and which I'm finally getting around to showing off.  We made a friendly bet on the result of the Sugar Bowl, then before he was able to send me my winnings, I threw a bunch of stuff his way preemptively.  His response was my winnings from the bet plus some great stuff in trade.  Let's just get down to it, then:

TWO envelopes, and one of them is HUGE.  What the?...

Adam splurged and threw down a dollar for me on the book.  For more on that, plus the other Michigan-related items, make sure to check out my post on TMM.  I'll also spoil the fun and tell you I pulled nothing of remote interest from the Canadian Football pack, but it was very cool of Adam to toss that in.

So here's what came in from the baseball portion:
Some excellent Tigers, including one of Adam's favorites in Verlander, which was very cool.  Then a couple other guys from my star PCs in Griffey and three awesome Ripkens.  I love the mini, plus its own mini top loader, but my favorite of everything out of the baseball stuff was definitely the Masterpieces black border card, because those just look amazing.  Speaking of star baseball players for my PC, he also included
this very nice Tony Gwynn 2005 Upper Deck Classics Classic Materials jersey.  Somehow it's only my third relic of Gwynn, one of which is a dual with Ripken, so this is my first solo jersey of Gwynn, which goes along nicely with my bat relic of him.

Overall this was a great trade package in its own right, but it pales in comparison to the riches he threw my way for my Michigan PCs.  Please make sure to check that out over on TMM if only to see how generous Adam is.  I tip my hat to one outstanding Hokie fan.  Thanks, Adam!


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    1. You know it. I saw you were starting a new pile for me so I'll have to do the same for you again soon.