Thursday, October 6, 2011

You Complete Me: day 2

Previously:  day 1

Five more packages arrived today, all from SportLots, which makes sense since that's where most of them will be coming from due to my having to buy from multiple sellers there.  Almost everything was baseball today, though I have some more football incoming as well.  The goods:

Edit, 7pm:  as I was going out for a walk, I found another envelope in my mailbox that must have been dropped off after my mail was delivered.  I've since added it at the end of this post and updated all related stats.

Envelope #1 (SportLots):

This one may not look like much--these really were the only two cards in the package--but you'll see both sets get completed in short order.  The first is former Cubs prospect David Kelton's 2003 Topps Total, and the other is a 2004 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites of Little Luis, a great Topps reprint-style card back when they did a base set of them instead of inserting them in every product.
# of cards:  2     # of sets added to:  2     # of sets completed:  0

Envelope #2 (SportLots):

This one continues the trend of my apparent focus on 2003 Topps Total, but these aren't base cards--they're actually the Checklist insert set that chose one player from each team to represent that team on their checklist.  Green and Griffey were the only two that I could find that I needed on all of SportLots, so I still need #s 26, 27 and 28.  If you've got those, please give me a holler--I'd love to get this baby put to bed.
This package also included three 1998 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. Home Run Chronicles that I needed, and you'll see those all scanned as soon as I get the rest of them.
# of cards:  5     # of sets added to:  2     # of sets completed:  0

Envelope #3 (SportLots):
This package contained the most cards today, but still didn't quite finish a set for me.  What you see above is eight of the nine 2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition base cards I needed for a second set.  The ninth was a bit too expensive for my taste on that site--that of Marlins slugging prospect Mike Stanton--so I grabbed it on COMC for a bit less instead, which means you'll see it when that package arrives.  I'll enjoy having a second set of these to sell/trade because there's plenty of good players.  I had fun putting it together after one of my more enjoyable past eBay purchases in which I bought a large number of blister packs for a ridiculous price.  As usual with EEE, I pulled a bevy of autographs and inserts and had a blast.
The other card in the package is one you'll have to wait and see because I don't know when I'll complete the set--it's Larry Walker's 2001 Donruss Rookie Reprint, #d 0423/1990, reprinting his 1990 Donruss RC.  Depending on how things go, I'm either going to need two or three more from the set--Tom Glavine, (pending on SportLots) Don Mattingly and Andres Galarraga.  Again, if you have these, please let me know and I'll make it worth your while.
# of cards:  9     # of sets added to:  2     # of sets completed:  0

Envelope #4 (SportLots):
No scans of this one as it only included two '98 UD Griffey Home Run Chronicles cards I needed.  These are the last ones I was awaiting from SportLots and I'll have the rest from COMC in a few days.  I'll get that set scanned for one of my completed sets posts shortly thereafter.
# of cards:  2     # of sets added to:  1     # of sets completed:  0
Envelope #5 (SportLots):

This was the latecomer of the day, but it proved to be somewhat valuable, and not just because it includes former Wolverine Shawn Crable. (the others are Big Ben, Joseph Addai, Matt Hasselbeck and Peyton Manning)  These are the last five Starquest inserts I needed from the 2008 UD Icons set after failing to complete the set out of my miserable bonus box from when I purchased my 2011 Topps Football case.  I went ahead and paid a couple bucks to nab these because one seller had all five, and that was good enough for me.  Close the door on another set, granted one I'm not thrilled with. (I'll likely put this up for trade at some point)

Stats for the day:

  • Envelopes:  5
  • Total cards:  23
  • Sets added to:  7
  • Sets completed:  1
Total You Complete Me stats:
  • Envelopes:  8
  • Total cards:  86
  • Sets added to:  9
  • Sets completed:  6
Tune in the next couple days for the remainder of my SportLots packages and the COMC megapackage.  Also keep an eye out for posts covering my singles purchases on eBay and Blowout.

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