Thursday, October 6, 2011

Buying frenzy non-set wantlist purchase #1

Yeah, most of my purchases in my recent buying frenzy have gone towards completing my various set wantlists, but I did grab a couple singles for my PC in the process because they caught my eye and I had to have them, plus the price was right.

Besides the four SportLots envelopes that arrived today, the card I snagged on eBay and was patiently awaiting also showed up:

My 45th Michigan baseball PC card is my 23rd different Rich Hill, this 2008 Topps Triple Threads White Whale triple jersey/auto.  This is also my second 1/1 of Hill, the biggest reason I grabbed it.

The seller's BIN price was quite a bit higher than I liked, so I submitted a Best Offer that took shipping into account and which was the highest I was willing to go.  He didn't take very long to accept it, which isn't too surprising since I'm sure Hill's demand isn't terribly high at this point in his career.  As I always say, that's my gain because he's obviously one of my favorite Michigan baseball alumni to collect.

Sometimes Triple Threads gets it right, and in this case I feel it certainly did.  In general I've enjoyed their triple jersey/auto issues, which is why I'm so against this year's single one-color relics and relic/autos considering the huge ransom Topps charges for boxes.  It certainly doesn't hurt that this is a White Whale, which is a pretty cool way of doing 1-of-1s in the set.  Easily one of the best in my Rich Hill PC, this one will look good along with the other big hits.

Keep an eye out for my Blowout single purchase, coming soon, plus a few posts showing off my COMC PC purchase loot whenever that arrives.  Until then, go Tigers, and please do the world a favor and knock the obnoxious Yankees out of another postseason!


  1. That is a pretty sweet card and I never thought I'd say it but, GO TIGERS!!!

  2. Sweet Card!
    I'm glad that Evil Empire #1 is gone, and as far as I'm concerned the Phillies are Evil Empire #2. So go cards for tonight!