Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tenets of completing sets, plus a September call-up I can get behind

Tenets of deja vu:

You guys might remember my recent purchase of a jumbo box of 2010 Topps Update baseball, right?  Well as usual, Topps disappointed me by denying me a complete set despite 200% of the cards in the box being extras.

You might also remember that the last time I had this problem, Tenets of Wilson stepped up and filled my wantlist, which was pretty significant considering the number of cards he sent my way (along with some other great stuff!).

Well guess what?  History has repeated itself.  For a pittance of a few 2010 Update cards Matt needed, I got all 17 I needed to complete my second set of these.  A few highlights (not a lot to show because it was 17 cards):
Jose Valverde, because he's still 100% on save opportunities this year, plus he just set the team record for saves in a single season (and is STILL going strong) with 43;  Ramon Santiago, because he's (a small) part of this Tigers team that's suddenly steamrolling into the playoffs; and J.P. Arencibia, because he's put up some great power stats and I just picked him up to play catcher for my fantasy team in the BA Benny Finals.

A big thanks again to Matt for completing this second set, which, by the way, is available on my newly revamped and sort-of-getting-there trade bait page, along with some other great stuff.  Now would be a great time to hit up Matt's wantlists and get trading with an awesome blogger (but don't forget to come back for the rest of this post).

Some of us would consider Ann Arbor to Cleveland a demotion (i.e., ALL OF US):

Today's a pretty big day for Michigan athletics because Ann Arbor native and former Michigan star Zach Putnam was called up by the Indians.  The local boy was drafted as a pitcher by Cleveland in the 5th round in 2008 (the Tigers took a stab at him in 2005 but for some reason he didn't jump at 38th-round money and headed to UM instead).  He put up relatively decent numbers in the minors, and he'll be working out of the bullpen, at least for now.  
I hope he gets a chance to throw some innings very soon, but regardless I hope his debut is everything he's dreamed of.  Besides the reemergence of closer J.J. Putz, former Michigan baseballers haven't been burning down the league this year, so this is a big positive for a fan like me.  Good luck to Zach in the first step of a hopefully long and productive Major League career!

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  1. I've never followed college football (or sports really) but all your talk of Michigan and watching Denard Robinson in action has made me into a sort of fairweather fan.

    That said, I LOVE Cleveland. Cincinnati is nice too. Columbus, home of the Buckeyes? AWFUL. AKA I feel you on the Columbus immense dislike, but most of the rest of Ohio is okay with me. Not Dayton I guess, but even people in Dayton don't like Dayton.