Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2010 Topps Update baseball jumbo box

As mentioned briefly in my latest card show report, one of the two boxes I grabbed at this show was a 2010 Topps Update baseball jumbo box.  This won't be a formal review as I already reviewed a hobby box I grabbed at a previous show, but I still wanted to give you an overview of how I did.

But first--yes, this sort of makes me a hypocrite after my constant rants about Topps.  Well, I thought at this price ($45) and for what I could pull (hopefully a bat barrel, which I'd really been wanting) the value was finally there.  Overall, I'm OK with how I did, but based on what I pulled from these two boxes, I don't see how Topps can justify pricing the hobby at more than $40 or the Jumbo at more than $60, if that.  So here's a quick rundown on the results of this break:

Price:  $45
Packs/cards:  10/50

Base set:  313/330 (95%)
Doubles:  77
Triples:  13
Total extras:  90/403 (22%)

God DAMN is that a staggering number of doubles and triples!  If this wasn't a Topps set I would have been sure I pulled a complete set.  I just don't get how Topps can screw consumers over with this kind of collation.  Hell, my very first pack contained multiple doubles, right off the bat.  Oh well, shitty collation is status quo when it comes to Topps, who clearly doesn't give a shit.  For what it's worth, my new wantlist for this set (since Tenets of Wilson kindly filled in my last one):  16 21 32 64 79 82 102 112 138 155 166 167 176 181 232 310 315


Attax:  Yep, got 10 of them.  Nothing to see here, move along.
Million Card Giveaway:  Got 10, no point in wasting time here either.
More Tales of the Game:  Got 10, including seven different of this throwaway insert.

Peak Performance:  2--Austin Jackson and Roy Halladay.  Two pretty good players, at least.

Gold:  10--Starlin Castro, Cole Gillespie, Kerry Wood, George Kottaras, John Axford, Ty Wigginton, Omar Infante, Ivan Rodriguez, Jon Link, Carl Crawford.  Not a great group of players, but decent.
Turkey Red:  10--Duke Snider, Miguel Cabrera, Cy Young, Jason Bay, Robin Yount, Mike Stanton, Ryan Zimmerman, Aramis Ramirez, Carlos Quentin, Frank Robinson.  Still a great looking set, especially with the boarder color they used this time.

I decided to use this one because LOL Ubaldo in the A.L.  Thanks, Colorado!
Legendary Lineage:  10--Johnson/Strasburg x2, Greenberg/Davis x2, Palmer/Matusz, Seaver/Leake, Gibson/Jimenez, Banks/Castro, Martinez/Santana, Nathan/Storen.  Goofy combos abound as usual.

Mickey Mouse All-Stars:  1--Chicago Cubs.  I thought I had remembered these being rare, but given the prices I'm seeing, apparently not!  Kind of a throwaway insert for me in that case....

Vintage Legends:  10--Tris Speaker, Honus Wagner, Rogers Hornsby, Ty Cobb, Thurman Munson, George Sisler x2, Nolan Ryan.  I still like these.  Oddly enough, I believe I had just flipped my other Nolan Ryan to Thorzul a month ago.  I also now have at least three Sislers, so I'll put a couple in the trade pile.

Yo Mama Cards:  10--Yaz, Thome/Schmidt, Brock/Yaz, David Price, Barry Larkin, Derek Jeter, Eddie Murray, Tommy Lasorda, Nolan Ryan, Mickey Mantle.  Still kind of a fun set, even if Topps has flooded the market with these.

Yo Mama Original Backs:  1--Don Mattingly.  Not the card I would have gone with if I was reprinting Donnie Baseball, but hey, I'm not Topps, which means I'm not thinking of the Yankees morning, noon and night.

Stephen Strasburg 2010 Topps #661:  I'm counting this as an insert since it's not really part of this base set.  Tenets of Wilson already sent me one, so this one's available for sale/trade.

The hits:
Andrew Cashner Peek Performance auto:  This was my guaranteed autograph.  Not the greatest, but I'll take it, since it looks pretty good.  Available for sale/trade.

Jayson Werth Manufactured Bat Barrel:  This was one of the biggest reasons I wanted a jumbo box since these just look awesome, especially compared to the crap Topps tried to foist on collectors this year.  This one's definitely available, but only for another barrel (I have the Sisler on my singles wantlist *hint hint*).

Jhan Marinez Silk Collection:  I apparently got shorted a jersey, but since I got a Silk instead I'm actually happier since these look awesome.  This one's also up for grabs, but I'd really prefer to get a Silk in return.  Make me an offer I can't refuse.

As I said, overall I was reasonably happy, at least in terms of the value I got.  Based on this break, I now refuse to buy a Topps jumbo box for more than $50, no matter how long I have to wait, especially since I know I'll have to put money and effort into completing the base set anyway.  Still, there's worse ways to spend $45, and now I have a bunch of stuff I can trade to you guys.  Just about everything up there is available, but I'll probably throw most of the inserts in with the rest that I have and get a list of each that I have available put together at some point so I can help you guys with your sets.  In the meantime, please help me finish this one!

Next up within a couple days will be the loot from my second Michigan TK Legacy VI box.


  1. I think you are being a little unfair to Topps. They don't think of the Yankees at night, then it's the Red Sox. hehe

    I'll even forgive the Ubaldo dig because it does look like he is done.

  2. Nice box review. Sorry you didn't get the bat you wanted, but I'm betting there is somebody out there who will chase yours for a trade.

    I have 166 and 167 for you. I am chasing the set as well. I'll drop you an email with my NEEDS list - if you're interested in swapping some base card dupes, let me know.

  3. I can knock out your list, again. I still owe you from the last trade, plus you linked and even tagged my blog.