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College football week 1 wrap-up plus card show intro

But first, a quick poll (the poll is quick, the lead-up isn't so much):
I started this here blog a little more than a year ago now, and I named it with a play on a throwaway Simpsons reference and one of my favorite (at that time) Tigers.  While that might have given readers the impression that it would mainly be a baseball-related blog, that first week or so I posted the results of a five-box break, and four of those were football.  I also didn't take very long to make clear my love of all things Michigan sports.
Although I've been collecting for roughly the last 15 years (on again/off again, though), I really put it into high gear around the time I started this blog, and really, that was the point I shifted my collecting focus from baseball to my Michigan PC, which has grown by leaps and bounds, to my great satisfaction.  However, with the exception of what I think is a small group of you, I don't think this is a subject that interests most of my audience.  
Because of that, I'm considering trying to return the focus of TMG to general collecting topics, MLB and the Tigers (my main baseball PC focus).  To do so, I might spin off a new blog that focuses on Michigan--generally hobby-related stuff, but occasionally discussions about team goings-on and the like, kind of like some of the content I post here that isn't necessarily card-related.  My intention would be to continue highlighting my Michigan PC and trade for more stuff while also bringing relevant Michigan sports items to interested collectors/readers.  I'm also somewhat interested in potentially having a couple team members writing for this blog if they'd be interested, since I've spoken with a few fellow Michigan fans and collectors in the blogosphere and I'd be interested in seeing what they'd have to add to such a project.
Having seen how some of you whose blogs I follow seem to handle a couple blogs reasonably well, I feel like I could accomplish enough on these two blogs to provide and acceptable amount of content to keep both worthwhile (and possibly even beyond that with a couple team members in the case of the Michigan-centric blog).  SO, I ask each of you who made it this far:

Do you want me to spin off a UM blog?
YES, enough with all the Michigan crap!
YES, I love all the Michigan crap!
No, one blog is just fine
I'm from Ohio and reading this in jail or to my sister-wife free polls 

I have one related question that I'd like you to answer in the comments:  if I do spin off a Wolverine collectors blog, are you interested in participating as a team member?  If this happens I'd be willing to discuss some standards, posting frequency, etc.  Please let me know if you're interested as I'd love to have several points-of-view if this project goes forward.

Thanks for putting up with this long-winded but relevant fact-finding mission.

FOOTBAW, week 1:

  • Wolverines 1-0:
    • Michigan came out of the gate a little wobbly against Western Michigan, but the defense turned things around before long with great pressure, getting into (and onto) the Broncos' QB's head.  
    • Coverage remains suspect and/or an adventure, but tackling tackling, I think, because after the last three years I don't quite remember what it looks like. 
    • The offense stalled at times but had some nice moments too, and the coaching staff quickly crushed any concern that Denard was going to take 100% of his snaps from under center and give the ball to someone else (idiots).
    • Kickoff coverage was the biggest negative, but coach Hoke is on it.  
    • The weather delays were the biggest surprise of the game, especially the way the game was ultimately cancelled in the third quarter, a Michigan first.  
    • Sadly, the backups didn't make it in, but hopefully after next week (or maybe during next week's game) against some creampuffs they'll see the field.  
    • A crazy start, but an important win for a new staff aiming to heal a wounded program.
  • Almost upsets:  
    • Auburn-Utah St.:  I would have loved to see an SEC team go down, but in the end I think Auburn's victory was inevitable, even if it wasn't apparent with 60 seconds to go.
    • USC-Minnesota:  But I would have loved THIS potential upset even more.  It's a shame that Minnesota had one last opportunity to swing the score in their favor and couldn't pull it off, but still, kudos to them for being in it against one of the game's most corrupt programs ever.
  • Awesome upsets:  
    • I won't kick Notre Dame while they're down except to post this.  It's not their fault that the media overrates them literally every year, only to be embarrassed when the Irish inevitably faceplant.  My favorite moment was the interception that resulted from a Notre Dame pass that deflected off the helmet of an oblivious receiver and into the arms of a USF defended--inside the USF 10!  In some ways I wish Notre Dame was a higher-profile opponent for next week's historic night game in Ann Arbor (where anything can still happen, to be fair), but the Irish choking against a supposedly inferior opponent is soothing in its familiarity and regularity.  Also, that's what you get for trying to mix religion with football, geniuses.
    • Wow was the ending to TCU-Baylor amazing.  What a comeback by TCU and what a thing to celebrate for Baylor (if they even remember how).  A great first-week upset.
    • Congrats to Sacramento St. for beating Oregon St., one of my favorite western teams because they always seem to beat up on USC.  
  • Other interesting stuff:
    • Thanks, schedulers, for putting Georgia-BSU and Oregon-LSU at the same time.  Asshats.
    • LSU beating Oregon is not awesome for me since I hate the SEC, but congrats to them on a huge win that'll look great on their resume.
    • More congrats to Boise St. for beating up on Georgia, which was awesome but not an upset.  Suck it, The South.
  • How'd the Big 10/12 do?:
    • Winners:  Wisconsin (big), MSU (lame), Michigan (incomplete), Northwestern (close), Ohio State (without Pryor knowledge), Penn State (creampuff), Iowa (ditto), Purdue (ditto, barely), Nebraska (ditto, big), Illinois (ditto, medium).
    • Losers:  Minnesota (barely, to USC), Indiana (lol, to Ball State)
Oh yeah, and I went to a card show:
Some of you probably skipped down here.  That's cool with me.  Anyway, Dustin and I hit another show today.  As a quick recap, I grabbed another Michigan TK Legacy VI box, a jumbo box of 2010 Topps Update baseball (I know I'm a hypocrite, but it was a good deal and it sorta worked out), a few PC cards and a bit of trade bait.  Dustin scored some nice pickups and a trade as well and I'm sure he'll be showing those off soon.

I'll be back tomorrow with a look at the singles I picked up, then I'll have separate posts for the boxes (both of which are essentially repeats, so no reviews) later in the week.  So stay tuned for all that, excited readers.

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