Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting started

Hi everybody! (HI, DR. NICK!) If you read the About section at the top, you can probably tell that this is going to be a sports card blog with a decided Simpsons influence. The title comes from a long line of fake movie titles from the show ("Faster, grandma, grandma's gaining on us!") and I can promise that won't be the last Simpsons reference you'll see here. Anyway, I'm a baseball and football collector from Michigan that was inspired by many of the blogs you'll see on your right to create my own.

To get started, in the next couple days I'll be reviewing a few different boxes (no I'm not rich, but I managed to scrape together some cash to pick up a few at a time in the last week). While that likely won't happen as often and you'll probably see more of a mixture of packs and boxes, we'll be starting off with a bang. In some as-of-yet undetermined order you'll be seeing:
  • 2010 Topps Football Jumbo/HTA
  • 2005 Topps Draft Football
  • 2006 Bowman Football Jumbo
  • 2005 Topps Football Jumbo
  • 2007 Topps Baseball Series I (24 packs of 22)
Though I can pretty much guarantee 2010 Topps Football will be first if it's the first to arrive.

My goal is to try to provide an idea of what a collector can expect from a typical box or pack of a product. While a site like Beckett tries to do that, fairly or unfairly they get criticized for some pretty anomalous results. I'll be acquiring new stuff from various channels, including local stores, eBay and card shows, so there's no chance of that happening here. For each item I review I'll review price, design, collation, inserts and extras, and my opinion of the overall quality and value (and I'll try to make sure there's plenty of pretty pictures too). If there's anything else readers would like me to include, please let me know--I'd like these reviews to be as informative as possible.

I also hope to open up more opportunities for trading. Right now my main source for making deals and working on my wantlists is SportsCardFun, but as more people read this blog I hope to make more deals that way too. My wantlists and tradelists can be found in the links on the top right of the page, and I'll work on keeping those updated. I mainly collect baseball sets, football sets and University of Michigan alumni (all four sports, but mostly football, baseball and hockey).

Look for new posts on the aforementioned boxes very soon!

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