Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Group break case is here, plus more hot Blowout action

This is not the new case--I'm being e-green and recycling the same picture...again...
Guess what?:
So the group break case arrived today, putting us right on track for the Saturday, 3 pm EST break.  Everybody still needs to pay, and we could definitely use some fresh blood (still plenty of slots open!), but either way, it will be a good time again.  If anything, you should come to see if I come through on my promise to pull an Ike Davis 1/1 for BA Benny (who liked his stuff from the first break, by the way).

A bunch of other people posted breaks on the Blowout forums, and they generally did about as well as we did the first time--dud cases don't seem to be a concern with this product, and I've seen multiple people (besides us the first time) pull multiple Poseys.  Plus, how about a Pete Rose this time?

Hot player-on-card action:
Some of you probably saw my review of 2010 Bowman Draft baseball blasters this weekend.  Well, as I sometimes do, I posted a smaller version of that on the Blowout break message board, and interest came pouring in for the Machado and Valencia Purples, among others (sorry, Beardy!).  I struck up a nice deal with a guy, trading those two, a couple other inserts from the break, and a Chase Utley bat card I didn't want for 70+ BDPP base cards I needed, plus a nice bonus.  I won't bore you with scans of the base cards, but here's my favorite of this haul:
It's the Wolverines' own Ryan LaMarre, a Reds draft pick and target of my collecting this year--not to be confused with

The trade put me up to something like 84 of the base set and 83 of the Prospects (out of 110 each).  I'll post wantlists soon, but in the meantime I'll just say that I'm happy to have nabbed about 3/4 of the base set mostly by trading, plus I got this guy:
a.k.a. the offer I couldn't refuse.  I'm also making it a goal to work on my Porcello collection this year in the event that he blows up (not literally, that would just be crazy).

The moral of this trade is that sometimes it pays to post box breaks on Blowout's forum because it can lead to mutually beneficial deals.  Oh, one other moral--Beardy has dibs on all of my future Orioles cards, so don't even bother asking for that Brady Anderson III blugenta (a popular color in the future) printing plate autograph White Whale Mirror Blue I'm gonna pull in 2025, and don't act like I didn't give you fair warning.


  1. Payment sent. Looking forward to it.

  2. Haha. As luck would have it, Mojo has a Machado purple refractor already set aside for me. I still got dibs on all future bluegenta mirror teal platinum refractor die cut O's though.