Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lots of stuff going on

First up, a group break reminder:
I haven't been as obnoxious about reminders this time, but just so y'all know, info's up top.  Still plenty of time to get in, otherwise the few of us busting this case will again laugh at you as we pull Posey after Posey.  Be a good capitalist and join today!  Buy-in deadline is Friday at 11:59 pm EST.

87 Squirrel Moustaches and Chrome Murphy Patches?:
That would make for an awesome Photoshop contest, by the way.  Anyway, Eric of Manupatches and Chrome Scratches sent me a nice little trade package just cuz after participating in my first two (and maybe third? :HINTHINT:) group breaks.  I got a nice pile of Tigers and Wolverines, including some highlights seen here:
A couple nice Verlanders, including a RC, a couple Grandersons (meta-wooooo!), a Gibby I definitely didn't have, a couple cool Topps 206s including Kaline, and one of a few Jim Harbaughs (go 49ers?).  A great trade package (that I essentially got for nothing) from a great trader and blogger.  Thanks, Eric!

More Blowout stuff?  Are you kidding me?
If you think this is crazy, wait'll you see what I've got coming in a few days....  In the meantime, I got some nice new stuff courtesy buying and trading.

First up, more Mike Harts:
2008 Donruss Classics auto RC

2008 Leaf R&S patch auto #05/15

2008 Stadium Club auto RC
I got these three (and a fourth, which was a double and has since been dispensed with) for dirt cheap.  I really like the design of the Stadium Clubs, but the R&S patch auto was the real get here, and realistically was worth what I paid alone.  And my Hart collection swells even further.

Onto baseball news, I grabbed a couple new Rich Hill autographs in a trade for a couple of my unwanted Razor letters from the last break.  They would be these guys:
2006 Topps autograph:  A smiling Hill is flanked by a looping, swooping signature.  I love it.

2009 A&G autograph:  I are serious Oriole.  This is Serious Card.  Probably beaten down after years of playing with the Cubs, among other teams, then not having much personal success, Rich makes do with the infinitesimal space on the card.

A good deal that I was happy with.

Look for more Blowout blowout-type stuff in the next week or so, time allowing, of course, thanks to Saturday afternoon's group break (there's a group break going on?  When?).

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