Thursday, December 30, 2010

New group break idea

Now that I'm done complaining about Topps' Million Card Throwaway, let's get down to business.  Though I haven't been in a particular hurry to do a new group break, I've seen a few breaks of another product that has me intrigued enough to at least gauge group interest before I go off and purchase a couple boxes for myself.

That product is 2008 Razor LettermanSports Card Radio did a nice write-up of it a while back, but as usual, the source of my interest was the BlowoutCards box break forums.  That link will take you to a search that includes a good sampling of breaks of different sizes, but the long and short of it is this:
  • The set is comprised entirely of autographed manupatches of prospects
  • Each box contains five packs of one card each (the aforementioned manupatch)
  • Each case includes 10 boxes and costs $300
  • All cards are signed and come in parallels of 20, 5 and 1
  • The SCR link above includes the checklist, but some of the better player hits include:  Brett Wallace, Brian Matusz, Buster Posey, Carlos Santana, Eric Hosmer, Gordon Beckham, Jake Odorizzi, Matt Wieters, Pedro Alvarez and Yonder Alonso
In short, not bad for $300.  We're talking 50 autographed patches here (in magnetic plastic cases), so right now my thinking would be either a 5- or 10-slot break.  I'd also have to work out how to divvy up the cards since I'm not sure if the "team" idea would work or not (ie I'd have to go through the checklist and see which players go with which teams and see if that would be fair; Orioles, anyone?), and I'd mostly like to guarantee that each person would get the same number of autographs (either 5 or 10), because, what's the point of getting in on a break when you could buy your own box(es) and get a guaranteed number of hits?  As with my previous break, I'd allow trading before, during and after the break, up until the point that I actually ship.

I'm guessing by opening a case myself I could make back enough money selling the better hits to at least get close to breaking even, but this seems like a good opportunity for a group break, so I thought I'd again solicit interest from the blogosphere.  So leave me some comments letting me know if you might be interested in breaking a case of these, plus any demands/concerns you have.  With any luck, maybe we can make this my first group break of the new year in a couple weeks.


  1. I'd be interested in this break if the buy-in was in the $30 range.

  2. I'm interested and you're right the O's look like a great pick! You might have to do random generator stuff for this one? just a thought, but if not I'd love the O's, haha