Wednesday, December 29, 2010

MCG ok KITJ #3: the final frontier

Warning:  I'm seriously pissed off (you guys), so consider this post NSFW or for your children, grandparent with a bad heart or easily shocked 19th century Southern woman.  In short, hide your kids, hide your wife.

Ok, I'm officially done with this series after just three instances of it.  Why?  Believe it or not, it's mostly not out of sheer laziness; instead, I essentially lost my faith in humanity (or the part that's involved with MCG) for two reasons.  One was this offer:

Do you believe that shit? I mean, really, do you? Do you mean to tell me that Topps couldn't have spent five more minutes (ie, a total of 10 minutes) programming the Transmogrifier trading system so that bullshit like this doesn't happen?

Now that's probably the most egregious offer I've received since I entered my codes, or at least the worst one I can think of that I thought to screenshot, but a large number of the shitty offers that flooded my trade page originated from just a couple members.  In addition to the two members I previously publicly shamed, I'd like to dedicate a special "fuck you" to Sunrisesurprise for his 200+ (and I'm being conservative here) trade offers, none of which made the least bit of sense.  Here's a couple typical examples from today alone:

If you were seeing ridiculous offers like this day after day, would YOU be excited about this supposedly great Topps promotion?  Actually, some of you probably ARE privy to tantalizing deals like this since the way the thing works is to essentially spam the other person with terrible offers.

In short, I'm getting my cards shipped real soon so I don't have to put up with these shenanigans any longer.  I am, however, still trying to trade a couple of my more vintage cards for comparable Tigers.  As such, I'm going to wait until Sunday (the 2nd) to request shipping on my cards, and in the meantime if anybody is interested in any of these, we can work out a trade:

I'm not attached to any of these so I'll take pretty much any Detroit Tiger from the same year or earlier (ie don't offer me your 1988 John Shelby.  If you do so I will put my foot through my cable modem via your ISP and right into your gonads).

In the meantime, if your MCG name is Sunrisesurprise, Jester, anyone else I mentioned and those I've already forgotten who literally spent the last 6+ months trying to trade junk 1980s cards for good vintage stuff, I have two words for you:

As for Topps, the next time you want to "give away" most of your shitty cards and allow people to waste the time of others trying to get the few good ones, do us all a favor and just hold onto them.


  1. I've become used to those kinds of offers and have received a ton of them. I have 4 nice vintage Tigers, but they are all for my collection...sorry. I may try to trade for a 1988 John Shelby so I can offer it to you for one of those above....

    Just kidding...keep your foot outta my modem!

  2. It's amazing to me that these people have time to sit around all day thinking up tons of stupid offers that no one on earth would accept anyways.