Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy packs aplenty Friday

Trade package #whatever:

If your blog's name is My Cardboard Mistress and you have the following image on said blog,
well then you're in luck, good sir, because you have a sweet trade package coming your way as of today (which is good since you promised me stuff too).

A reminder to the rest of you:  if you want to trade, hit me up with the player/team/theme(s) of your choice.  I'll generally ask you for Tigers/Michigan players, but I'm flexible.  I've done a lot of trading in my time, but I think some of the best deals I've made have been with other bloggers since I've started my own, so if you're on the fence about it, go for it (obey the above picture.  NOW).

New eBay swag:

As promised, here are the 2010 Sweet Spot Signatures Variations cards I scored from eBay the other day:

Do not taunt Happy Fun Graham

Next time I'll just do this instead of trying to beat ridiculous odds by pulling either from a box.  I had no shot of getting either of these anyway:  you figure you get two SSS cards per box (unless you get screwed on that front, and I've heard that's happened to people); if you're like most people, you get two of the "regular" signatures numbered to 400.  The fact that these are rarer doesn't make me like them more--I just much prefer the helmet designs.  The regular version has a kind of basic M, which my Graham up there has something more like the "official" school logo.  And though it's actually more common, I'm a bigger fan of Minor's card, because Our Helmet's Got Wings:

(If you've somehow never seen this before, 1.  Shame on you and 2.  Everything JoePa says is comedy gold;  "WEEAH LINEBACKER U!" and "COME TO PENN SHHHTAAAAAATE!" come to mind)

Anyway, I'm thrilled to have these, and they now reside in the UM personal collection.

Um, I believe I was promised packs?

Yessir--look for a review later today (probably) or tomorrow:  I grabbed 20 retail racks of 2009 Bowman at Meijer today because they were on sale and I still love me some Bowman.

And before I forget...GROUP BREAK!

Get your asses down to GA Mindset's group break (2010 Topps Triple Threads and Chrome).  Teams are still available and the price is right.  Or don't do it, whatever, just don't come crying to me when he pulls a Joe Mauer booklet auto/patch/baby teeth/high school ring/diploma card and you were too cheap to spring for the Twins.

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  1. Looking forward to the package. That collect thing is sweet...