Thursday, September 30, 2010

More mail, or, Why having a bad memory is nice

BlowoutCards forum trade

So I've taken to posting box breaks on BlowoutCards' forums (not that I've ever bought anything from them before, oddly enough), mainly because it's fun, it doesn't take much effort as I pretty much copy/paste from this here blog, and it enters me in drawings for free stuff.  Plus, it's fun getting props from other collectors on your big pulls.

Anyhoo, I posted the results of my 2010 NCAA Sweet Spot football break and surprisingly had someone interested in all four jersey cards (hit either link to see them in the post, but they're not very exciting).  The guy let me know he had a Henne patch I might like, and I found other copies that looked pretty good, so I bit on that deal, plus I got him to throw in a few more cards, which I preferred to a four-for-one deal.  Here's what I got:

Sick Henne patch (bro)
I've got 99 problems, but too many Brandon Grahams ain't one
All in all, a pretty nice deal.  If you don't frequent those forums, I recommend you hit them up because it's a fun way to enjoy cards vicariously and get your trade on (note:  I in no way endorse buying from Blowout as I've never bought from them, so I don't have experience from which to make a recommendation).

And now, the reason a bad memory is nice:

I sent Larry over at Emerald City Diamond Gems some decent stuff a while ago, and he even blogged about it when they arrived.  Check out the post while I again shower him with praise for representing the maize and blue with this bad boy:
I'm yoinking everyone's images lately...
For my trouble (and lots and lots of Tony Gwynns), I got the following:

-A set of 1989 Topps football:  this is by far my oldest football set and an awesome addition to my collection, featuring a bunch of Hall-of-Famers of whom I didn't have many cards as I didn't collect football at the time.  More Joe Montanas, John Elways and the like now grace my collection, and I couldn't be happier

-A 1996 Pinnacle/Denny's (Lenny's?) Cal Ripken hologram:  I actually had one of these but they're so fun that having two is twice as nice
Hey, that actually scanned pretty decently!
-1990 Score Greg McMurtry rookie:  now there's a card I didn't expect.  Like the Topps set for my set collection, this is probably my oldest UM alum card, and a sweet one of a great player in the old winged helmet.  Awesome!

Another excellent trade package down, and bonus points for receiving it after forgetting I'd even be getting it.  Thanks, Larry!

More to come soon

-Still waiting on those 2010 Sweet Spot Brandon Graham and Minor autographs; when those come you'll see them right away

-Adam of My Cardboard Mistress worked out a deal with me and I can promise I'll at least blog my end of that when those arrive next week.  Bonus points (or cards, if I can find something suitable) to Mr. Mistress for pimping Denard Robinson for Heisman as his beloved Hokies offer no desirable candidates this year.

-I haven't bought any packs/boxes since last weekend, so when the shaking and hallucinations stop, I'll try to find something worthwhile this weekend; the retail stores seem to be in a bit of a dry spell, and I don't really want to push my luck with 2010 Topps Platinum football right now considering I already destroyed the odds on my pull from those blasters:
Just a reminder:  this card is sweet and still available for trade
Until then, why don't you go buy stuff and post about it yourself?  Like I said earlier, that vicarious pack-busting thing is pretty great, especially if you're cheap or broke.


  1. Awww damn, I used to have a McMurtry auto in my collection as a kid but it went up missing...I think I sold it as part of a yard sale a bunch of years ago. It totally would have been yours if I still had it.

  2. I'm glad you like them. I had an extra set laying around, and thought you would give them a good home. I didn't know if you had the Ripken, and I had to throw in a card in the Maize and Blue. Enjoy!!

  3. I want that Shipley!! I have nothing to trade right now. Curses!