Monday, September 20, 2010

New trade package, contest reminder, new box

Contest reminder

I'm giving away some packs.  Free.  How much are these free packs?  They're free.  And in what form do they come in?  They're packs.  Uh-huh, and how much do they cost?....  Get in the game, right now your only entrant is mmmrhubarb of é rayhahn, rayhahn.  If y'all want to let him win by default, fine by me, even if he has exactly zero correct so far. 
EDIT 1:  SpastikMoose is now in, we've got ourselves a game...
EDIT 2:  Just to be clear, my hints about teams represented apply to the teams on which the players would be pictured in 2007, not necessarily in 2010  

Sweet trade package

Gracing my mailbox today was a nice trade package from The Daily Dimwit, who took some Astros from back in the day when they didn't suck and sent me some great retired players (Griffey, Ripken and Maddux) and the best players from a team that kind of sucks (Verlander, Scherzer and Miggy Cabrera).  Highlights:

2010 Topps Hank Greenberg Commemorative ManuPatch  a spiffy looking patch highlighting the Tigs' first World Series title (not to mention one of its greatest players ever)

2008 Upper Deck X Justin Verlander Jersey  a nice start to my JV memorabilia collection (I have a 2005 Topps Chrome RC/Auto, the highlight of my JV stuff right now).  Seriously, this guy is good, get his stuff before the Tigers get a clue and he starts ripping off 20 win seasons

2010 A&G Max Scherzer Autograph:  since Max ended up with the Tigs in a steal of a deal over the winter (and got his head/mechanics straight in the minors) he's been pretty ridiculous, so I'm officially on his bandwagon.  On a side note, I'm not on the A&G bandwagon, but having others buy them and send me cards works juuuuuust fine

2010 Topps Cal Ripken History of the Game  huh, wonder what game this is from?  Happy 15th anniversary plus two weeks of 2131, Iron Man

2009 Goodwin Champions Ripken Mini  I think I have maybe one other mini Ripken, and anyway this one features a great portrait.  Excellent card

2010 Topps CashGrab for CrapPacks Not Ruth or Strasburg Refractor  probably from a searched value pack, no less.  Seriously, I've been jonesing for this card for a while, but I figured I'd get offered one before long, and I was right.  I do like the looks of the card, and of course a scan doesn't do justice to its refractorness

The Ripkens, Griffeys, Madduxes and Tigers that round out the package are also great, but that's enough scanning for now.  Excellent trade package, Dimwit!  I hope we can do business again soon.
As a reminder, if you'd like to trade with TMG, drop me a line by hitting the link to your above right.

Another box

As promised, look for my 2007 Topps Football hobby box soon, either tonight or tomorrow 


  1. "...even if he has exactly zero correct so far..."

    Oh, snap! I'll take that "A" for effort.

  2. Hey, for now you still win by default, but feel free to keep guessing, even though if nobody else does you can still have the packs.

  3. I'm in too now lol, you baited me. Dunno if I have any right either though.