Sunday, September 19, 2010

2010 NCAA Sweet Spot Football Box

Today's new box comes to us from the card show I attended Sunday afternoon.  I've been highly anticipating this set (college football!) and if I hadn't found this box at the show I would have grabbed one online (and had to pay shipping and wait for the thing; can you imagine?).  I've seen mixed results over on the BlowoutCards forums but there's enough stuff that interests me that I think it'll be worth it.  How did I do?  Read on to find out.

The box contains six mini boxes (left), each of which contains one pack (right)

Purchased from/price:  card show, $89
Packs/cards:   6 packs / 8 cards
Set size:  100 (70 base cards, 30 rookies) plus 60 autograph RCs
Key features:  One hit per pack, including rookie autographed helmets;  players in their college uniforms
Key cards:  Perhaps you've heard of this year's rookie class?  Not to mention lots of Hall of Famers
Wolverines:  Tom Brady, Chad Henne, Mario Manningham, Brandon Minor auto/RC, Brandon Graham auto/RC

Sample front
Sample back

Pack 1:
Sean Lee RC
Percy Harvin
Marcus Easley RC
Rashard Mendenhall
Antonio Brown RC
Matt Ryan
Jeremy Maclin

Jermain Gresham Sweet Spot Signatures #007/300

Pack 2:
Devin Hester
Tom Brady
Taylor Price RC
James Starks RC
Aaron Rodgers
Rob Gronkowski RC
Taylor Mays RC
Javarris James Sweet Spot Signatures #134/300

Pack 3:
Jason Campbell
Anquan Boldin
Joshua Cribbs
Ray Rice
Levi Brown (Troy QB) RC
John Skelton RC
DeSean Jackson
DeSean Jackson Sweet Swatches dual jersey (white)

Pack 4:
Ryan Grant
Jimmy Graham RC
Jason Pierre-Paul RC
Matt Moore
Eli Manning
Jevan Snead RC
Sidney Rice
Kenny Britt Sweet Swatches (blueish)

Pack 5:
Calvin Johnson
Brett Favre
Armanti Edwards RC
DeAngelo Williams
Carlton Mitchell RC
Kevin Kolb
Jonathan Crompton RC
Sweet Swatches Knowshon Moreno (white)

Pack 6:
Chris Johnson
Jonathan Stewart
Jerry Hughes RC
Ben Roethlisberger
Bryan Bulaga RC
LaDainian Tomlinson
Earl Thomas RC
Mohamed Massaquoi Sweet Swatches (white)

Set completion:  42/100 (42%), including 18 rookies
Extras:  0

Autographs:  2 (see above), 2/box
Relics:  4 (see above), 4/box
Best pack:  Pack 1, which had the best "hit", plus Percy Harvin and Matt Ryan
Worst pack:  Pack 4, as I'm no Kenny Britt fan, and hate Eli Manning, plus the rookies were meh

Quality control:  9/10  These are packaged very well on purpose, though the composition of the helmet cards leaves them open to some peeling/chipping 
Collation:  10/10  I got all my guaranteed hits and no doubles.  A+ 
Value:  6/10  This is about the only place I'll really ding this box.  Six hits for your $90 is pretty cool, and I really like the autographs, but the players I got weren't that exciting, and honestly, who wants this many relics nowadays, much less plain white jerseys?  I'd have traded those four for one more stab at an autograph
Set design and player selection:  9/10  I like the fronts, especially thanks to the players in their college unis.  The backs include their college stats, which is also cool.  Simple, but high quality.  11/10 for the helmet autographs, but minus a couple of points for the boring relics and meh players.
Inserts and extras:  9/10  As stated several times now, big points for the helmet autos, less for the jerseys (event-used?  Oh boy!)   

Overall score:  43/50
This box only included six packs so it didn't take long to rip into, but was still kind of fun because of the anticipation of pulling a good autograph, plus plenty of excellent NFLers on their college teams.  I'm not as happy with my autographs but I'm betting I'll be able to trade them for the ones I want or sell them.  The jerseys are also all available (I'm guessing GA Mindset has his eye on the Moreno and Massaquoi).  In the end I'm glad I tried the box, but I won't be buying another to finish the set or go for more hits.  I'll put those aside for now, especially since I'm betting a lot of case busters will be dumping their doubles before long.  Overall recommendation:  get your favorite players as singles unless you find a steal of a price on the box

Wolverine?  Just one?  Well damn.



  1. If the singles are available as well, I'd gladly take the Josh Cribbs card as part of our trade. If it's not available I understand too haha.

  2. I'm interested in the Jonathan Stewart card (and any other Oregon Ducks players you might have). I still need to look at your want list. I might be able to help out with a couple of cards.

  3. Hmmm. I'd be willing to buy or trade for the Gresham auto if you don't want it. First I still need to send the last batch of cards to you though.

  4. Now how is it I'm complaining about this box and a guy named "The Ranter" seems ok with it?