Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Contest update, GA Mindset group break, trade package

Contest reminder

EDIT:  I guess those hints did it as reader "Steven" nailed all eight:  
Rocco Baldelli
Hank Blalock
Alex Cintron
Brent Clevlen
Todd Helton
Andy Pettitte
CC Sabathia
Daryle Ward

Steven, contact me with your address and I'll get those to you posthaste


If you hadn't noticed, I'm doing a giveaway contest type deal.   I still don't have the requisite 10+ entries where I'll throw in extra stuff, but you can still get the packs.  So far I've seen just two different guesses that had one correct player, so here's some helpful hints:

-The teams:  White Sox, Yankees, Cubs, Indians, Tigers, Rangers, Rays, Rockies
-The letters:  2 B's, 2 C's, H, P, S, W (last names)
-B and B:  Have shared a team (just not at the same time)
-C and C:  Both hail from the AL Central in this set, though they're not very well-known players
-H and P:  Are with their pictured teams in 2010
-S and W:  Don't share any common teams, but one's a star and one's retired

Combined with that and the series 1 checklist I'm hoping to see a few more correct answers soon.  Put on those thinking caps!

GA Mindset's doing a group break


TMG's homeboy GA Mindset is doing a group break:  six boxes of 2010 Topps Chrome and two of 2010 Topps Triple Threads.  Details on his blog, but basically it's $30/team (and $25 for additional teams), plus you get dibs on your team when he does a Bowman Chrome break.  I yoinked the Tigers and Orioles (I'll be damned if I'm gonna miss out on a Ripken bat knob/book/jsy/jsy/auto/pants/sunflower seed because I'm cheap) but it would appear that everything else is currently up for grabs, so get in now!  This is your first reminder, but I'll be pimping this for a few days as I'd like to see it get filled up.

Holy frijoles, that's a nice trade package

Baseball fan of unknown team allegiance Reds and More got some people, including me, to send him some Reds and more Reds for their favorite teams.  I took the Tigers, natch, and I'm pretty happy with my return (sorry the scanner cut everything off today; too lazy to fix):

Now THAT's more like it--Porcello jersey
A few nice Kalines, of which I didn't have many, so I got that going for me
Nice Minis of excellent young Detroit pitchers
"Wahoo Sam" Crawford, named after his hometown in Nebraska, named after the guy who was called that because he actually thought living in Nebraska sounded swell
Gator!  Detroit's resident pinch-hitting hero (and a pretty nice guy when I snagged his autograph a few years back)
And lots and lots of other Tigers from the 1970s(!)-2010.  This trade package easily earns an A from me, thanks, Reds and more...!

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  1. You're welcome. Thanks again for your package, it was a good one. If I come across anything else up your alley i'll letcha know.