Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy No One Is Going to Read This Blog Wednesday

So in summarizing recent goings-on yesterday, it totally slipped my mind that I did a trade with Jeremy at No One's Going to Read This Blog recently.  He even posted about his end of the deal the other day, so go check that out and prove his title wrong.

As for what I got:

1.  Wantlist cards from a staggering SEVEN different sets, baseball and football
2.  Various Wolverines
3.  Various Tigers, which gives me a great segue into...

It's been fun piling up some Tigers since I started this blog, and though he's now a former Tiger, people enjoy sending his stuff to me thanks to the blog's name, and I can't say I'm disappointed, I still think the guy's awesome.  On a related note, nice cards of him, plus nothing I already had, so that's a big bonus.

Also of note in terms of baseball stuff he sent:
Wait, who gives a crap about this guy?  ME, since I can finally close the book on this stupid set.  I was getting close to overpaying on shipping for this card on eBay, so NOIGTRTB has impeccable timing.

And now the Wolverine goodness, broken into two parts:
Misc. Wolverines, most of which I didn't have
I actually needed these two for sets--2010 SAGE Hit and 2010 Score
To sum up:  wantlist cards from seven sets, Tigers cards I liked and Wolverines cards I liked.  A very enjoyable, well-rounded trade package.  You might even go so far as to call it...the royal sampler....
Thanks, Jeremy!  I'll close with a subtle reminder to read this guy's blog and trade with him if you haven't already.


  1. Jeremy is a great trader. Nice package. Cards, I was talking about the cards.

  2. I'm glad I could help out your wantlists. Glad you liked the cards. Hopefully we can trade again sometime!