Tuesday, September 21, 2010

2007 Topps Football Box

This is the other box I picked up at Sunday's card show, mostly because the thought of getting only one box, with only six packs in it at that, bugged me.  I somehow never went after this box when it originally came out, so I'm making up for lost time.  It's got a nice collection of rookies, including AP and Megatron, and a veritable bonanza of Wolverines so this should be a fun one to break.

Purchased from/price:  card show, $39
Packs/cards:  36 packs / 9 cards
Set size:  440 base cards
Key features: Nothing comes to mind besides the RCs
Key cards:  RCs of Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson, Kevin Kolb, Sidney Rice, Brady Quinn, Darrelle Revis, Patrick Willis, and more
Wolverines:  Brian Griese, Tom Brady, Chris Perry, Anthony Thomas, Braylon Edwards, Amani Toomer, Charles Woodson, Cato June, Steve Hutchinson, Alan Branch RC, LaMarr Woodley RC, David Harris RC, Prescott Burgess RC, Leon Hall RC

Sample front
Sample back

Set completion:  287/440 (65%)
Extras:  1 (Carson Palmer)

One of each insert

  • Brett Favre Favre to Favre20:  115 120 129 158 175 186 (1:6, 6 expected)
  • Hobby Masters:   Tom Brady, Michael Vick, Carson Palmer, Larry Johnson (1:9, 4 expected)
  • Running Back Royalty:  LT/Barry Sanders, LT/Emmitt Smith, LT/Jim Brown (1:12, 3 expected) 
  • Hall of Fame:  Roger Wehrli, Michael Irvin, Gene Hickerson (1:12, 3 expected)
  • Generation Now:  12 different, including Colston, Big Ben, Vince Young (1:3, 12 expected)
  • Own the Game:  Marvin Harrison, Torry Holt, Terrell Owens, Shawne Merriman (1:9, 4 expected)
  • Copper Parallel:  Larry Johnson AP, Chris Simms, Reggie Bush, Lofa Tatupu, Michael Robinson (1:7, 5 expected)
  • Ring of Honor:  Peyton Manning (1:36, 1 expected)
  • Rookie Fantasy Challenge:  Craig Davis, Lorenzo Booker, Anthony Gonzalez, Sidney Rice, Brandon Jackson, Marshawn Lynch (no odds, I'm guessing they're an extra 1:6 throw-in) 
Autographs:  None (none expected)
Relics:  None (none expected)
Best pack:  #9 included Charles Woodson and Steve Hutchinson right off the bat
Worst pack:  #18 included Peyton Manning's stupid face (Ring of Honor insert) after winning the only Super Bowl he'll ever enjoy against an overrated Bears team

Quality control:  6/10  This set is prone to all kinds of flaws like chips and dents and these cards were no exception.  Got all my hits, though
Collation:  6/10  Considering I only got 288 base cards in this box, how the hell did I get a dupe?!  Unacceptable, hence the big ding on the score 
Value:  6/10  Mark of the Beast for the first three scores--the packs were cheap but really I got nothing all that great other than a few good RCs (keeping in mind that this box just isn't a great way to get most of a large set)
Set design and player selection:  8/10  I don't love that the cards damage easily, but the front design looks good, and I like the green of the backs.  Otherwise good typical Topps photography and stats on the back
Inserts and extras:  5/10  No "extras" to speak of, and the inserts were pretty meh.  I did like the Hobby Masters, but the Generation Nows are boring and the rest are pretty uninteresting

Overall score:  31/50
"Meh" is pretty much the word for this box.  Having bought it at a card show I didn't get to do my research on it first or I might have realized it wasn't a particularly good box to bust.  I do like the set but (despite my past luck with them) I probably should have gone with a jumbo box to actually give myself a shot at it.  I'll probably just take my time working on this set now as I'll need 150+ cards.  Oh well, at least I pulled a bunch of Wolverines.

Lots in this box, yo

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